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You are here: Homepage Blog. Just some interesting information about world and Spread Technology! Many of my readers in the humanities already know about Zotero, the free open-source citation manager that works within Firefox and scares the hell out of Endnote’s makers. If you are a stude. Manage your paper/articles/thesis references with Zotero. Zotero is a free and open-source add-on to Firefox, Chrome or Safari for managing your references within papers, articles or thesis. PhD Student in Social Psychology.

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I add the plugin 'Markdown' 2.11.3 in the Zotero, but when I take notes, I can not use 'ctrl + alt + m' to change the notes. How can I figure it out? Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot.

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  • Works for me (assuming you mean 'Markdown Here'--but since that's at the same version number, I take it that's the case).
    Run us through exactly what you're doing?
  • It is so akward. I use the 'Markdown Here'(2.11.3) in the last Zotero Standalone for Windows, it doesn't work for me. It is amazing that it works for you.