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UPDATE: Information in this blog post is no longer up to date. Please see the latest information here:

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With the launch of XG Firewall v18 growing ever nearer, many of your customers will be planning for their software upgrade ahead of time, or maybe even considering a migration to XG from another firewall platform.

We will detail here which hardware models can upgrade to XG v18 and where a hardware refresh would be necessary to support an upgrade.

The good news is that all current and previous XG and SG Series hardware models with at least 4 GB of RAM can upgrade – a valid license is also necessary, of course. The XG 86 and 106 models were previously introduced specifically to address this requirement.

Restrictions for Previous Revisions

Any model with less than 4 GB cannot upgrade to v18.

Sophos Xg 310 Datasheet

XG v18 and Beyond Hardware Support Policy

This graphic provides an overview of the planned support policy.

  • Any model which is not supported in v18 will continue to be supported on v17.5
  • Any model which is only supported up to v18, e.g. older XG/SG revisions, can remain on v18 and will continue to receive support in line with our overall support policy

A complete overview of all models can be found at the bottom of this post.

Note: *Models with less than 4 GB are not supported in v18.

Determining the Revision Number of an Appliance

Customers may not know which revision they’re currently on.

  • The revision number appears on the silver label which can usually be found on the underside of the appliance (near the manufacture date) but that may not be accessible if the hardware is mounted in a rack.
  • You can also determine the revision number from the serial number. This is explained in this Knowledge Base article: https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/118143

Model by Model Overview of XG v18 Support

Xg 106 Sophos Free

The following tables show a model by model view of the XG/SFOS hardware support policy for both current and previous XG and SG Series hardware.

Current XG Series

XG/SFOS Version Support





XG 86/86w1
XG 106/106w1
XG 115/115w3
XG 125/125w3
XG 135/135w3
XG 2103
XG 2302
XG 3102
XG 3302
XG 4302
XG 4502
XG 5502
XG 6502
XG 7502
Previous XG Series

XG/SFOS Version Support





XG 85/85w*1, 3
XG 105/105w*2, 3
XG 115/115w2
XG 125/125w2
XG 135/135w2
XG 2102
XG 2301
XG 3101
XG 3301
XG 4301
XG 4501
XG 5501
XG 6501
XG 7501
Current SG SeriesXG/SFOS Version Support
SG 105/105w*3
SG 115/115w3
SG 125/125w3
SG 135/135w3
SG 2103
SG 2302
SG 3102
SG 3302
SG 4302
SG 4502
SG 5502
SG 6502
Previous SG SeriesXG/SFOS Version Support
SG 105/105w*1, 2
SG 115/115w1, 2
SG 125/125w1, 2
SG 135/135w1, 2
SG 2101, 2
SG 2301
SG 3101
SG 3301
SG 4301
SG 4501
SG 5501
SG 6501

Xg 106 Sophos Download

* Model has less than 4 GB RAM