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Chrome extension that delivers quick access to a collaborative bookmarking service that enables you to keep all your team's resources in the same place

The web clipper is available as a Chrome extension and the Notebook app is available on Mac, iOS, and Android only. OneNote Web Clipper Installation Save anything on the web to OneNote in one click Add the OneNote Web Clipper to your web browser so you can save, annotate, and organize anything from the web. Get OneNote Web Clipper.

Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper is a Chrome extension that enables you and your team to keep all your bookmarks, notes, and other resources in the same place. The associated service is currently in Beta stage, but you can still sign up for an account and see how everything works.

Organize your bookmarks into groups and share the database with other team members


To deploy the Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper add-on, you need to navigate to the associated Chrome Store page in the host application and press the “Add to Chrome” button. The Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper icon will be placed next to the address bar, and you need to provide your credentials to connect to the service.

Keep in mind that admin Shelf.io accounts can invite users and manage both users and groups. Each user included in the team can have one of three roles (admin, user, or member) and this will influence the payment plan.

To learn more about the Shelf.io service, what type of data you can store, the security measures used by the service, and more, make sure to visit the online FAQ section, where you can also get access to the documentation or video tutorials.

Store all sorts of information and send the data to different libraries

From the Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper Chrome panel, you can choose to create notes or clippings, bookmark links, articles, images, videos, text highlights, or details about a particular organization or person.

Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper can extract information from the current page, but you can also manually set the bookmark’s title and description, add comments or tags, assign a badge, or select the library you want to send the entry to.

When dealing with media content, such as images or videos, Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper will automatically detect the resources from the page, and you get to select the one you want to save to the library.

Collaborative bookmarking service that can integrate with various services

Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper offers you the possibility to keep different types of resources in the same place and share the database with other team members. The service enables you to work with multiple libraries and groups.

At the same time, Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper can integrate with your Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive accounts, for an even more streamlined experience.

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Evernote Web Clipper Mac Os Catalina

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Evernote Web Clipper Mac

  • Shelf.io account
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Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper 2.21.0

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Evernote Web Clipper Mac

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