Weak Nuclear Force

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Both only act over a finite range within the nucleus of an atom.
Of the four natural forces strong nuclear weak nuclear electromagnetic and gravity only two have a finite range. The strong force has a range of about the width of an atomic nucleus and is responsible for binding protons and neutrons together. The range of the weak force is much smaller even less than the width of a proton.
Gravity and electromagnetism on the other hand follow inverse square laws where the strength of the force decreases over larger and larger distances but never really falls to zero.
##F_g = G(m_1m_2)/r^2## ##F_e = k(q_1q_2)/r^2##
Furthermore like electromagnetic force the nuclear forces are governed by gauge bosons. According to the standard model the leading theory on particle physics the weak force is carried by an exchange of weak bosons between nuclear particles and the strong force is carried by an exchange of gluons between nuclear particles.

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In particle physics, the electroweak interaction or electroweak force is the unified description of two of the four known fundamental interactions of nature: electromagnetism and the weak interaction.Although these two forces appear very different at everyday low energies, the theory models them as two different aspects of the same force. Weak Nuclear Force: The weak nuclear force can change a neutron into a proton in a process called nuclear decay. When the weak nuclear force converts a neutrally charged neutron into a positively charged proton, sub-atomic particles are released near the speed of light. Of the four known fundamental forces of nature, the weak nuclear force is the one with the least obvious purpose. Gravity holds stars together and keeps us on the ground. The electromagnetic force. Weak interaction, the weak force or weak nuclear force, is one of the four fundamental forces in the universe. It is carried by particles known as the W and Z bosons, which are gauge bosons.The weak force causes beta decay, a form of radioactivity. At extremely high energy levels, the force of weak interaction and electromagnetism begin to act the same, and this is called electroweak interaction.