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It’s amazing how quickly manufacturers abandon support for older hardware devices. This is nowhere more evident than when it comes to scanners. The gradual shift from 32- to 64-bit computing threatens to leave even more perfectly serviceable scanners in the box marked “obsolete”, but there may be a future for your old machine yet – at a cost.


VueScan works with just about every computer out there, supporting Linux, Mac and all versions of Windows up to Windows 10. More importantly, it supports 1,500 flatbed and film scanners, even if drivers are no longer available for the computer you’re running. Consequently, it enables you to dust down your trusty old scanner and continue using it despite the manufacturer’s attempts to force an upgrade.

Hamrick Software's VueScan Professional is very well suited to create linear scans of slides and negatives since the professional version of VueScan features a special RAW output mode. To create suitable scans you first have to select the input tab and to choose either slide or color negative from the media pulldown list.

It’s incredibly simple to use, with a neat wizard-based approach to scanning for the novice, and an Advanced button for those with a bit more experience. The results are impressive, and it’s worth considering even if your scanner is currently supported by Windows. You can output to JPEG, TIF, PDF and even access OCR-capabilities for extracting text from scanned images – English is provided by default, download other language files from here. VueScan can also output your scan directly to your printer, effectively turning your existing equipment into a serviceable photocopying machine.

Vuescan Network Scanner Software

The trial version is fully functional, although watermarks are placed across any scanned images, so you’ll have to buy it before you can get the most out of it. A four-computer licence costs US$40 for the Standard Edition, or US$80 for the Professional Edition.

Vuescan network scanner

Version 9 introduces both 32- and 64-bit builds, and promises to be faster and more responsive than previous versions. The user interface has also been revamped to make it easier to use, giving up more screen space for the scanner preview and consists of a single file, which can be copied on to USB flash drive for running as a portable application if you wish.


This is the 64-bit version of VueScan - a separate 32-bit build is also available

Vuescan Network Scanner Download

Sep 08, 2010 Once you have your IT8 target, you can use the following steps to profile a scanner in scanner: Place the IT8 target onto your flatbed scanner, as you would a photo. Turn on your scanner and then load VueScan. Click the “Input” tab, and then select “Profile Scanner” from the “Task” dropdown option. The scanner should be connected and switched on before VueScan is opened. VueScan is upgraded regularly, sometimes weekly. This is mainly to accommodate new scanners and camera Raw files; the actual function of the software changes less often. Unless you have bought a new scanner, there is little point in continually rushing for the. NAPS2 is a document scanning application with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.


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An essential purchase if your scanner is no longer supported by the manufacturer and you can’t get it to work on your new computer.