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Vuescan Bible

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AuthorJosh Lospinoso
Genre Computers
File formatPDF

VueScan Downloads

Vuescan user

The VueScan Bible is a good reference for understanding the scanning process, how to set up the software to do scanning, details about the various features, and answering questions on why or why not a user might want to select certain options. I ordered the Kindle version, and had VueScan active while I read through the book. In my opinion, the only reason to use it is the fact that it supports so many different (old, obscure) scanners. The interface is disorganized and hard to figure out. (For those who want to try to understand the options, there is a book “The VueScan Bible” by Sascha Steinhoff that discusses everything in detail. Vuescan looked intriguing but I was quickly confused by the many scanning settings it offered for scanning slides and decided to purchase the VueScan Bible to learn how to use VueScan. The book far exceeded my expectations, explaining clearly what each setting meant and offering advice on the best settings to use to minimize noise and maximize. Although VueScan's built-in reference files provide a good, quick summary of the application's operation, those who want to get the most out of the application and their scanner should consider buying a copy of The VueScan Bible. Maybe you're looking for something to do until it's safe to resume more or less normal life.

VueScan was released on , and you can read about what's new in this version. You can get more information in the Release Notes.


Vuescan Manual

If you've never used VueScan, you can get more information from the VueScan User's Guide (also available in PDF). There is also a list of supported scanners.

Vuescan User Manual

Windows .exe macOS .dmg Linux .tgz Linux .deb Linux .rpm
VueScan 9.7 x64 9.7.539.7.539.7.539.7.539.7.53
VueScan 9.7 a64 (ARM64) 9.7.539.7.53 Universal9.7.539.7.539.7.53
VueScan 9.7 x32 9.7.539.7.539.7.539.7.539.7.53
VueScan 9.7 a32 (ARM32) 9.7.539.7.539.7.539.7.53
VueScan 9.6 x64 9.6.479.6.479.6.47
VueScan 9.6 a64 (ARM64) 9.6.47
VueScan 9.6 x32 9.6.479.6.479.6.47
VueScan 9.6 a32 (ARM32) 9.6.47
VueScan 9.5 x64 9.5.949.5.949.5.94
VueScan 9.5 x32 9.5.949.5.949.5.94
VueScan 9.4 x64 9.4.679.4.679.4.67
VueScan 9.4 x32 9.4.679.4.679.4.67
VueScan 9.3 x64
VueScan 9.3 x32
VueScan 9.2 x64
VueScan 9.2 x32
VueScan 9.1 x64
VueScan 9.1 x32
VueScan 9.0 x64 9.0.969.0.969.0.96
VueScan 9.0 x32 9.0.969.0.969.0.96
VueScan 8.6 8.6.668.6.668.6.66
VueScan 8.5 8.5.418.5.418.5.41

Unfortunately, we don't have any other old versions of VueScan available.

Upgrade to the Latest Version

To upgrade to the latest version of VueScan, just click the version you want in the table above. It will automatically recognize if you've already purchased it, and the latest version should just work. You don't need to uninstall old versions before upgrading.


VueScan Editions

You can purchase two Editions of VueScan - Standard or Professional - but there is only one file to download. After you purchase and enter a serial number, the Standard Edition or Professional Edition features are enabled.