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Smartphones generally work seamlessly, but there are times when you may experience an error message. A message prompt like the Vodafone error 28 may crop up from time to time. But there are fixes to most errors.

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In today’s rundown, we will go through the meaning of a Vodafone error 28 and possible solutions. Like all smartphone errors, there are likely causes and ones that are not so obvious.

Therefore, we will go through the initial steps to check, then progress to the least common. If you’re in doubt about any aspect of your phone, always contact your network customer service department. They will be able to tell you about any network errors and faults with the phone or line.

What Is A Vodafone Error 28?

The Vodafone error 28 can be displayed when sending or receiving messages. This can result in you or a recipient not receiving text messages. The fault can be down to a lack of funds in your account, over your allowance, a wrong number, or a SIM card error.

  1. Protection for Vodafone content: Text messages can be inspected to identify the leakage of sensitive information, suspicious behavior and/or abusive language. With certain deployments, administrators can set up alerts to flag keywords across messages to pinpoint any violations, streamlining the management and mitigation of risk and compliance.
  2. This service of Vodafone is somewhat beneficial for us. But sometimes it becomes very irksome because we get plenty of flash messages daily or we accidentally click on any flash message (because of unwanted service charges). Today, we will show you some simple steps to stop flash messages from Vodafone.

As you have to systematically check what is the root of the problem, the easiest step is to check a phone number. The error message will be displayed if the network doesn’t recognise a number. Make sure the number is correct before texting again.

In some instances deleting the contact in your phone then reinserting the details has done the trick. If you still experience the error 28 messages and still can’t send texts, check your SIM card is inserted properly. Sending a text message to another recipient that you know is stored on the SIM card is a good test.

It’s also worth checking if you can access the Internet and social media platforms. If you have a steady Internet connection and still can’t send text messages, then there is the option of using online messaging facilities.

Error 28 Checking Payment Plans

The error message 28 may occur in some instances if you have exceeded your allowance. If you are on a monthly payment plan or Pay As You Go, check that you haven’t exceeded your monthly text allowance. You can check this by logging into your online account or ringing Vodafone customer service.

If you opt to contact Vodafone directly, you can check at the same time any faults with the phone or line. This will diagnose any particular faults or current network issues.

Error 28 To Non-UK Numbers

The error 28 message has been experienced at times by people contacting non-UK numbers. The initial step is to check your allowance and cap limit. Always make sure you have funds available in your account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to send messages.

Another quick and obvious check is to switch your phone on and off again. When travelling abroad, the network may need to re-establish a solid connection. Therefore, switch your device off for a few minutes, then switch back on and perform a send message.

International calls are chargeable, making it far easier to run out of credit. Always check with your network provider for international call costs. Plus, if the country you are visiting has coverage.

Why Are My SMS Failing to Send?

SMS messages that fail to send can be down to a lack of signal, a power recycle reset needed, or text app cache clearing. A forced power recycle can be performed by long-pressing the Lock and Volume down buttons. This will force the phone to reset.

Always check for software updates in your messaging app. A software update can solve many errors, especially on older smartphones.

Clearing the messaging app cache is a worthy course of action after any update. This task is easily performed with the steps below:

  • Go to – ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps’
  • Open the ‘Messaging’ app settings.
  • Press ‘Storage’
  • Open ‘CLEAR CACHE’

As an extra step, you can also restart your smartphone, then send a text message to a number you know is correct and working. Checking your SIM card is properly fitted is also worth double-checking.

How Do I Reset My SMS Settings?

When SMS messages fail to send, resetting and clearing the app cache is a good starting point. After restarting your device, switch on and off ‘Airplane Mode’ in quick succession. To clear the messaging app cache follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to ‘Settings.’
  • Press Apps.
  • Press the Messaging App.
  • Open ‘Storage.’
  • Press ‘clear cache.’

The next step is to reset the SMS settings to the factory defaults. Going to ‘Settings’ then resetting all settings to factory defaults is the step to take when all else fails. Resetting the network settings will also be performed with the steps below.

  • Press ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘Reset’ option.
  • Press ‘Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.’

It’s also worth trying another messaging app. As always, contact the Vodafone support centre for further help.

Vodafone message error 50

Why Can’t I Send a Text to One Person?

If you can’t send a text message to one person, then start by restarting your phone. Problems on the Vodafone UK network will be solved with this quick fix. The next step is to check your recipient’s number is not on a blocked list. Contacting Vodafone’s customer support will provide you with this information.

Other pertinent checks include making sure the contact number is correct. Another is to disable ‘iMessage’ which can cause problems with contacting Android users.

Summary of The Vodafone Error 28

Vodafone Imessage Activation Charges

If you ever experience a Vodafone error 28 message, then the steps above will solve your problems. If at any time you feel overwhelmed by the task, simply contact Vodafone’s customer support for additional help.

Vodafone Imessage Charges

We hope that you have found this article useful and informative. Please comment below with your own experiences with this error and share on social media. Your feedback may just help somebody else out in the future.