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I noticed some other problems as well, so with the project being on github I decided to fork it: silky/vim-pandoc.

Two ways to render R Markdown documents

I saw this tweet a couple of days ago and decided to look for ways to use R Markdown more at work.

TIL you can embed a 'code download' button in an HTML #rmarkdown doc so that users can click to download your source .Rmd from the rendered HTML version...without GitHub 🤩 #rstats
code_download: true

Vim Pandoc
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It’s not like I haven’t tried to use R Markdown before1, but at the time of this post, I hadn’t been able to find a way to effectively incorporate R Markdown at work for various reasons. Since then, however, I added a couple of new tools to my data analysis toolbox2, which I felt might help make it work this time using R Markdown more at work.


Render R Markdown from Vim (without opening R)

And there was a Vim plug-in for R Markdown indeed! In fact, a quick online search led me to three relevant/required Vim plug-ins: vim-rmarkdown, vim-pandoc, and vim-pandoc-syntax.

Following the plug-in instructions, as well as this helpful configuration tip, I was up and running with vim-rmarkdown plug-in in no time.

Figure 1: Rendering R Markdown Document from within Vim

In addition to the syntax highlighting (from vim-pandoc/vim-pandoc-syntax plug-ins), the vim-rmarkdown plug-in provides a function to render a source R Markdown document into output types of interest (e.g., html) from within the source R Markdown document in Vim. :RMarkdown command does the job, and it displays successful run message once the rendering is complete3.

Render R Markdown (and send email) from R

R Markdown documents can also be rendered from R too, by the usual rmarkdown::render() function. Generally one can review the rendered output by clicking the output file, but what if such clicking/reviewing is not an option? That’s a challenge I’m facing at work. Ok, maybe there’s a way to click/review a remote file, and if that’s the case, then nobody hasn’t told me how to just yet :)

Vim pandoc

I’m sure there’s a better way, but the workaround I came up with has two steps:

  • Render R Markdown document (rmarkdown::render())
  • Send an email to self with rendered output as attachment (sendmailR::sendmail()).

I didn’t know about the sendmailR package before, but the package lets you send emails from within R. I ended up writing a couple of wrapper functions (saved in my personal package) so that rendering and sending email can be done all at once by a single function call. Yes there are some drawbacks4, but I’ve been happy with the workflow so far.

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Vim Pandoc

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Vim Pandoc Disable Folding

Vim two-pane outliner

VOoM (Vim Outliner of Markups) is a plugin for Vim that emulatesa two-pane text outlineer.


Vim Pandoc Syntax

The following markup modes are available:

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    или neovim (>= 0.2.2-1~)
    heavily refactored vim fork
  • dep:vim-athena
    Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - with Athena GUI
    или vim-gtk3
    Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - with GTK3 GUI
    или vim-nox
    Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - with scripting languages support
    или python3-pynvim
    Python3 library for scripting Neovim processes through its msgpack-rpc API

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