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Mac vim setup

The new Dark Mode in macOS Mojave is a nice addition and is – especially inthe night hours — more pleasing to your eyes than the light mode.

However, enabling Dark Mode will not change the Terminal profile, which isa little bit annoying – especially if your color theme has a light and a darkvariant (like the infamous Solarized, Snow, One, or my own Rasta theme).

If you change your Terminal profile to something dark, Vim still doesn’t lookright because it uses its own mechanism for light/dark backgrounds (see :help'background' for details) and doesn’t know about the changes you made to theTerminal profile.

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Mac Install Vim

If you execute :set background=dark in Vim (and if you color schemesupports it), Vim looks nice and dark now, too.

However, on the next day, the fun begins again when you want to switcheverything back to light mode …

Wouldn’t it be nice if this could all be accomplished with a single command?

There are tools, that help you with switching to/from macOS Dark Mode (e.g.,NightOwl or Shifty), but they can’t change your Terminal profile or notify Vim.

As it turns out, it’s not too hard to implement a little program that doesexactly this:

  • You can uses the defaults command to get the current macOS Dark Theme mode:

  • You can use AppleScript (oh, how I love this language …) to set Dark Mode andupdate the Terminal profile:

  • You can wrap both things with a Python script:

  • You can use the timer_start() function introduced in Vim 8 and neovim toregularly check for the current Dark Mode settings. Put this into your Vim config:

  • You can create an Automator action that runs the Python script and thatcan be activated with a global shortcut. I use ⌥⌘D (you need todeactivate this shortcut for showing/hiding the Dock first). This is theAppleScript I used:

The drawback of this method is that the current application (at the time youpress ⌥⌘D) is used as “source” of the action you get two dialogs asking youto give that app permissions to remote control the System Settings and Terminal.

A better solution would be if the authors of NightOwl and Shifty wouldintegrated this into their tools. I’m gonna contact them and see what happens. :-)

Vim Edit Mode Mac Os


Vim Enter Edit Mode

MacVimgot anOSAppearanceChanged event that is emitted every time MacVim changes its appearance.

Vim Edit Mode Mac Free

Thanks to Frank for the heads up!