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The US Post Office published a listing of rates and schedules for outgoing Foreign Air Mail for most countries in the world. FAMS 1935 Foreign Air Mail Service Bulletin USPO 1935 through 1939 FAMS 1936. Airmail has been an important part of US postal history for 100 years. Now, you can document many of them with this complete 1918-2012 US Airmail set. Airmail route, 1918 The first regularly scheduled airmail route connected New York and Washington, D.C., via Philadephia, from May 15, 1918, to May 31, 1921. The Post Office Department operated the 218-mile route to demonstrate that mail transportation by airplane was possible on a regular schedule in all kinds of weather.

Airmail stamps pay the postage for the airmail service and were first issued in 1918. US International Airmail Rates; Army Air Corp Mail Operations 1934; Crash Mail; Lindberghiania; US Souvenir Historical; Polar Aerophilately; Amelia Earhart; Aerial Propaganda; Air Mail Field; Around-The-World; US Airmail. US Pioneer Flights; US Government Flights; Army Emergency; Contract Air Mail (CAM) US Air Mail (AM Routes) Foreign Air Mail.

Post Office Department airmail pilots never carried U.S. airmail stamped envelopes. The first U.S. air post stamped envelopes became available to the public on January 12, 1929. These stamped envelopes carried the red and blue border design that marked U.S. airmail stationery for most of the 20th century.

Here are some examples of U.S. airmail stamped envelopes.

Us Airmail

Issued June 28, 1971

Issued May 21, 1947


Us Air Mail Service

Issued May 2, 1956

First day of use stamped envelope issued on May 21, 1947.

Us Airmail 8 Cent Stamp

Issued September 26, 1932

Us Airmail Tracking

Issued September 26, 1946