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Airmail route, 1918 The first regularly scheduled airmail route connected New York and Washington, D.C., via Philadephia, from May 15, 1918, to May 31, 1921. The Post Office Department operated the 218-mile route to demonstrate that mail transportation by airplane was possible on a regular schedule in all kinds of weather.

Plugins - Airmail for macOS; Two Step/Factor Authentication - Airmail for macOS; Themes - Airmail for macOS; Rules in Airmail - Airmail for macOS; Add an Office 365 Email Account - Airmail for macOS; Browse All Categories. Mac No description; iOS No description; Not finding what you are looking for? Chat with us or send us an email. Unsupported Browser - Session Terminated. At approximately 11:30 a.m. On May 15, 1918, the U.S. Post Office inaugurated regular airmail service, using Curtiss JN-4H biplanes to fly between Washington, D.C. And New York City, with a stop in Philadelphia. It took two more years of dogged effort and experimentation, marred by dozens of crashes. 1918 First Airmail Issues #C1-C3 On its inaugural flight of May 15, 1918, the world’s first airmail stamp, the 24¢ Curtiss Jenny biplane, was bedeviled with mishaps, beginning with an empty gas tank! With President Woodrow Wilson and other dignitaries watching, the pilot flew 25 miles in the wrong direction and crash-landed.

Scott Rudin’s Employee HandbookWelcome to the team! Here are a few things to know …

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The Acquisitive BookwormWhile AIR MAIL enjoys little more than introducing our favorite new titles, in this issue we highlight everything else—well, and a few standout books, too—that we love for your library, nightstand, or reading nook

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Us Airmail

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Us Airmail 8 Cent Stamp

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Us Airmail 25 Cent Stamp

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Us Airmail Tracking

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Us Airmail 11 Cent Stamp

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