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The Lexus UX has won the award of the Best Urban Crossover at the golden wheel awards in Qatar. Its innovative features backed by beautiful engineering won it

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Naijauto has no doubt that in the luxury compact crossover segment of automobiles, the Lexus is still king. This was confirmed at the ceremony of the Golden Steering Awards 2019, held in Qatar, where it won the ‘Best Urban Crossover’ award for its efforts in producing the Lexus UX.

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The Senior Marketing Manager, Firas Mufti, collected the award for the Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Co (AAB), with a press statement released afterward.


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According to the statement released by the group which says the qualities that made the Lexus UX unique in its segment and reads: “The UX has an evolutionary design that closely echoes Lexus’ current models. The first thing that jumps out is the front end. It sports a large and aggressive spindle grille with corner cuts, thin headlights that include a unique LED strip, and a sharply curved hood. The UX was the first ever-Lexus vehicle engineered by a lady chief engineer, Chika Kako,” the statement confirmed.

Urban Crossover

Other equally innovative features present in the Lexus UX are the unique side skirts on the side, a roofline that gives the ambiance of a Coupe, with a 17-inch alloy wheel standard or 18-inch alloy wheel for the F-Sport trim.

“The UX also excels at cabin design. The interior is completed to a high specification and brings exceptional quality unique to the segment,” the statement had said.


The interiors of the UX is a confirmation of its smoothness and luxurious efficiencies!

As its latest in the Lexus line-up, the Lexus UX packs the exuberance and forte of the youth, while also bringing innovation with this new addition. Lexus in this model presents state of the art offerings in both safety and luxury technologies, as well as in fascinating designs and super-efficient powertrains to drive this Crossover.


The name is likewise a unique blend of its design team’s guiding concept, and the aim it set out to achieve with the UX as an urban Crossover. The fusion of the ‘U’ from Urban, with the ‘X’ connoting Crossover, makes for a distinctive nomenclature. It, however, does not fail to provide an engaging driving experience within a short time, as well as a smooth ride typical of Lexus brands, as it becomes one fantastic add-on to the luxury compact Crossover segment.

With this dynamic modern design, the UX from Lexus totally deserves 'Best Urban Crossover' title

With Lexus shifting towards the new Global Architecture Compact (GA-C) platform, the UX, therefore, becomes the first in its line-up to be manufactured using this platform. Making use of lightweight structures but still with a rigid and firm design as well as a low centre of gravity that gives it high stability. The suspension has also been fine-tuned, giving the GA-C platform of the UX easy handling and comfortable riding experience.

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