Uf Citrix Workspace

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Citrix Workspace (previously Citrix Receiver) is the required to connect to the EPIC EMR once a device is securely connected behind either the Pulse Secure VPN/Cisco AnyConnect VPN services offers secure access to healthcare information.

  • Download:
  • Server/Path:https://mycitrix.shands.org
    • This is the address/server for the 'add account' section
  • Credentials:
    • 1st Dialogue Box: shandsepic-username and epic-password
    • 2nd Dialogue Box (if prompted): epic-username and epic-password
      • Shands will already be displayed in the dropdown menu

To save a file from a program that you have started through Citrix session such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Navision, etc. You must save to the mapped “V” drive.

-First you must give Citrix permission to access the local machine. The first time you login you should get the below popup; select the options:

“Full Access” and “Never ask me again for any application”

AVAILABLE APPLICATIONS. Below are the currently available applications and suites. More are being added every semester! Missing something from the old application gateway? How to use UF Apps to access MATLAB software. Step 1 – Install Citrix Receiver 1. Download Citrix Receiver at. Clear Workspace New Script New Community.


Now you can save from Citrix to the local machine.

First, from the program you are trying to save from; select the 'save as' option from the file menu.

Uf Citrix Workspace

Uf Citrix Workspace

This will bring up a save menu. When this screen opens it will (usually) open up to a default folder location. This is not the correct folder to save the file to; this folder is the My Documents folder that is stored on the Citrix server.

Uf Citrix Workspace

In the save menu you will see icons on the left hand side of the menu. There will be about 5 icons 'My Recent Documents, Desktop, My Documents, My Computer, My Network Place'.

Uf Citrix Workspace Download

Double click 'My Computer', then double click 'C$on'Client' (v:)'This will get you access to the local PC you are connected to Citrix from.


Uf Citrix Workspace Login

Next, double click Documents and Settings, then double click your user name folder, finally, double click on Desktop. Now save the file and this should save the file to your local machines desktop.