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During deployments of multiple systems with the exact same hardware configuration, Sysprep is the most common tool to assist this along with Ghost.

Ucl Sophos Software

Free sophos home antivirus download includes a 30 day trial of Sophos Home Premium, with ransomware security, advanced phishing protection and more. If you are currently using Sophos as an anti-virus product, you now need to uninstall Sophos and install F-Secure instead. Previously Sophos was the only option for Mac users, however F-Secure now has a version for the Mac as well as a version for Windows and Linux. How do I do this? Firstly, go to swdb.ucl.ac.uk and search for F-Secure. Component Description; Sophos Management Console (SEC) This is the main management console. Use this to download software and updates to your threat detection data, specify policies, including updating, scanning, and anti-virus management on client computers. If you are connecting from a Mac, with OS X Catalina (10.15.x), then F-Secure will not work with the UCL VPN service. In this case you should download and install Sophos Home Edition if this is your own personal device. It this device is owned by UCL then contact support staff to have the full version of Sophos installed.

If you have Sophos on your original deployment image, you may find that you cannot access the Sophos console on cloned systems with Sysprep (or other tools that change the computer SID).

To repair this:

If you have already deployed cloned systems and need to repair your Sophos installation follow the instructions at the bottom of the article, “Changed SID values and Sophos Anti-Virus”:

On a computer where the SID value has been changed, open a command prompt and type the following command:

  • MsiExec.exe /i “c:Program FilesSophosAutoUpdatecachesavxpSophos Anti-Virus.msi” REINSTALL=ALLREINSTALLMODE=voums UPDATEDRIVERS=0 /l*v c:msi.log /qb

On Windows Vista the command is:

  • MsiExec.exe /i “c:ProgramDataSophosAutoUpdatecachesavxpSophos Anti-Virus.msi” REINSTALL=ALLREINSTALLMODE=voums UPDATEDRIVERS=0 /l*v c:msi.log /qb


If you are doing this on the master image before you have deployed it or after you have deployed cloned systems, follow the link above.

Ucla Sophomore Standing

Ucl Sophos
  1. On the template computer, stop the following services (if they are present):
  • Sophos Message Router
  • Sophos Agent
  • Sophos AutoUpdate Service
  1. Read the Microsoft warning about editing the registry.
  2. On the template computer, in turn, open each of the following registry keys (if they are present):
  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareSophosALC AgentPrivate]
  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareSophosMessaging SystemRouterPrivate]
  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareSophosRemote Management SystemManagementAgentPrivate]

Ucl Sophos Free

and, in each key, delete the following two entries

  • pkc
  • pkp

Ucl Sophos Antivirus


Ucla Sophos Antivirus

Note: These keys must not be removed from a server running Enterprise Console.

Ucl Sophos Big Sur

  1. Delete the following files from the template computer:
    C:Program FilesSophosAutoUpdateDataStatusstatus.xml
    C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataSophosSophos Anti-VirusConfigMachine.xml