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Tunefind Shazam For PcShazam

The world's fastest music search and discovery mobile app, with exclusive singing. UPDATE 13/8/2019 download Shazam from Microsoft Store - (please note you may need to log in to download from the Microsoft Store)https://www.microsoft.com/e.

How to Install Shazam for PC

Founded in the United Kingdom in 1999, Shazam is an ingenious app that assists in identifying unknown songs.

Tunefind Shazam For PcTunefind shazam for pc windows 7

Available for PCs, Macs and many smartphones, Shazam uses the device’s microphone to record a small snippet of audio, then compares that with songs in its database using a sort of audio fingerprint system. If it finds a matching song, it displays the song’s title, artist, album and anywhere the song is available for purchase online. Shazam is powerful in that its database contains an estimated 11 million songs. Its newest features include the ability to view lyrics and music videos, improved discographies and artist biographies.

Shazam is able to identify prerecorded songs broadcast from almost any source, including at clubs, on the radio, on television or in a movie provided the sound is clear and background noise is at a minimum. Once a clear recording is made, Shazam turns it into a sort of audio fingerprint, which it matches against its database. The sample must be at least ten seconds for Shazam to identify the song accurately. This is because it utilizes spectrogram technology that measures both time and frequency simultaneously. This means Shazam takes rhythm and tempo into account to identify differing versions of the same song as well.

Tunefind Shazam For Pci

Since a brief recording is required to identify the song in question, this also makes Shazam one of the more accurate song identification services available. Shazam has the added benefit that it is free on most platforms with an optional paid version. Shazam for PC differs from its smartphone cousins in that it identifies any song the user happens to play while the app is running, saving PC users the hassle of uploading an audio recording in the first place. As of 2014, the Mac version of Shazam is integrated with Siri.

Before Shazam will work on your PC, there is one very important step you must take to get your recordings recognized. PCs only recognize audio from an external source by default, but they are capable of recognizing audio from internal sources as well. This is feature is called “Stereo Mix” and most contemporary sound cards have the feature. To enable it:

  1. Right-click the stereo icon on the bottom-right of your screen.
  2. Select “Recording Devices.”
  3. Right-click an empty spot on your devices list and select “Show Disabled Devices” and something called “Stereo Mix” should appear. Right-click it and select “Enable.”

If you do not see “Stereo Mix” come up, you cannot use Shazam to identify songs that originate on your computer. You can still use Shazam to identify songs from external recordings, however. The “Stereo Mix” feature is not available on all computers, so take the time to perform this step first and save yourself some time.

Bluestacks, which enables users to run Shazam on Windows machines, is simple to install on its own. Simply download the installer from the Bluestacks website and follow the on-screen instructions, ensuring the option “App store access” stays checked.Once Bluestacks is installed:

Tunefind shazam for pc windows 7

Tunefind Shazam For Pc Windows 7

  1. Search for Shazam using Bluestacks’s search function.
  2. Once located, log into Bluestacks with your Google account. If you do not have one, you can create one in moments while still running Bluestacks.
  3. Select Shazam, install it and then return to Bluestacks’s home screen and run the app.

Tunefind Shazam For Pc Download

Once installed, the app should begin identifying songs as soon as you start it up. Simply leave it running and it will identify anything you play from the internet or your own saved music collection.