Tr6060 Gearbox

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To further enhance the performance of your T-56, G-Force has come up with some additional performance options. Tr6060 Gearbox

TR6060, T56 MAGNUM TRANSMISSION 5th 6th or REVERSE SYNCHRO RING 3-PIECE, TREMEC O.E. Bronze or stock shifter bushing for TR6060 / Magnum. Please verify by the picture that this is the correct part for your transmission. 'B' bushing for CORVETTE only. 'A' bushing for MUSTANG,CAMARO,CHALLENGER. 6060 6th Gear Spacer. TR6060 6th gear spacer. TR6060 5th gear Spacer. 60606 5th gear spacer. TR6060 3rd Gear.

Tr6060 Quicker, smoother shifting is always a plus when driving any manual transmission, and this is why G-Force has manufactured a double/triple cone conversion for your Viper, Camaro, or Cobra.

Tr6060 Gearbox Mount

While initially found only in C5 and C6 Corvette applications, this conversion allows for the installation of the superior shifting double/triple cone synchronizer setup to be installed into any T-56. If you own a Corvette, you already have this setup in your transmission. We do, however, have upgraded mainshafts made specifically for the C5-C6 transmissions. If you are looking for a transmission to be used in a project car or just want to trade in your worn out T-56, G-Force can build you a complete unit with our gear kit already installed. We can use a new or remanufactured core depending on what you would like.
  • The TR-6060 is the latest and greatest in TREMEC’s high-performance O.E. Transmission family; designed to help O.E.M. Customers more effectively make use of their extreme power and torque offerings.
  • Pure Choice Motorsports TR6060 to -6AN Adapters. These fittings are designed to fit into the stock fittings in the case, just remove the clip and tube and snap these fittings back in and reinstall the clip. If you’re re-using factory transmission cooler hard lines, we recommend Fragola fittings that adapt your 3/8″ or 5/16″ hard.
  • The Tremec TR-6060 six-speed manual transmission features six forward speeds and one reverse speed. It is derived from the Tremec T-56 6-speed manual transmission. As usual, the forward helical cut gears are synchronized however, the reverse gear operates through a fully synchronized constant-mesh system.

G-Force also has a dog ring (face tooth) version of this transmission available as well.

Tr6060 Gearbox Ratios

We also have our 2.71 gear kit available in a dog-ring version. The overdrives are kept synchronized to provide a smooth, stock-like driving experience in 5th and 6th gears. Like the synchronized versions of our gear kits, the dog-ring kit is rated at 1200hp, plus or minus depending on the specific application.

Tr6060 Gearbox Oil

*Obviously, power and torque ratings vary more or less depending upon weight, clutch, tire, RPM, etc.