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Toyota also says with the 2021 Venza being built on the TNGA-K platform, the AWD crossover is expected to achieve top NHTSA ratings. Infotainment Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa compatibility with access to Siri for Apple users and Google Assistant for Android users are available. The 2021 C-HR is an extra-small crossover SUV that sits at the bottom of Toyota's lineup. It serves as an entry-level model akin to the Yaris or the Corolla.


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Aside from the ToyotaGR Yaris,it’s not too often that we anxiously anticipate the availability of a Toyota model to come to the U.S. market, until now. The 2021Toyota Corolla Cross was just unveiled and it’s made specifically for theThailand market, however, multiple sources think that it could be eventuallyheaded to the U.S. Why are we kind of excited about it? It’s mainly because theToyota Corolla Cross seems like the small crossover that should have alreadybeen released, in fact, it could be what the C-HRshould have been.

The Toyota Corolla Cross is similar but different

The 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross is a lot like the C-HR, butjust a little different. According to Jalopnik,the Corolla Cross is one inch wider, two inches taller, and three inches longerthan the C-HR, and it also rides on the same TNGA-C platform. In case youhaven’t guessed by now, it’s basically a raised-up and more capable version ofthe Corolla, however, it scratches the “crossover itch” that consumers seem tohave nowadays.

As stated before, Thailand will get the benefit of having this crossover added to its Toyota lineup and, what’s more, it’s going to be hybrid-powered. It will come in four different trim levels: Sport, Hybrid Smart, Hybrid Premium, and Hybrid Premium Safety. The base Sport trim level will be powered by a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine that produces 140 horsepower and 129 lb-ft of torque, while the higher trim levels will be motivated by an electric motor that puts out 72 hp and 120 lb-ft and is paired to a four-cylinder engine that produces 98 hp and 105 lb-ft for a combined output of 121 hp. Interestingly enough, all trim levels will be front-wheel-drive.

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The Corolla Cross sure looks interesting

Powertrains aside, the Toyota Corolla Cross looks like an interesting proposition if it were to come here to the states. For starters, it doesn’t look like the Toyota Corolla Hatchback, nor the C-HR, but it does look like a smaller RAV4. We like the crossover’s bold wheel arches, elongated headlights, and large and aggressive front grille and the fact that it has a Macpherson suspension upfront, but not so much that it has a torsion-beam rear suspension.

On the inside, the Corolla Cross bears a strikingresemblance to the current Corolla as it uses the same steering wheel and touchscreeninfotainment system, along with similar seats. According to Autoblog,the higher trim levels will get premium amenities like power front seats, apower tailgate, driver-assist features, a nine-inch infotainment system, andApple Carplay.

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We can only hope that is making its way over here

Toyota Chr Crossover 2021

Ultimately, the Toyota Corolla Cross sounds promising and we could definitely use it here for our market. Although, they would probably need to put in a more powerful engine as the current specifications sound way too much like the C-HR, and we all know how slow that car is. Either way, the hybrid powertrain and higher ride height of the car might just be what the American Toyota lineup needs and what many consumers will likely want.

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