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This gripping crime drama explores the drug infested city of Baltimore, and follows the game of cat and mouse played between the right side of the law and the criminals who poison the city's streets. Start your free trial to watch The Wire and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. It’s all on Hulu. HBO presents this gripping and totally unvarnished drama series that chronicles the vagaries of crime. Sky Broadband Superfast Average Speeds: 59Mbps (download) and 16Mbps (upload). See for more details, usage policies and to check your speeds. All Sky Q kit and hub is loaned at no cost and must be returned at the end of your subscription. You own the dish. General: Subject to status. Upfront payment may be required. This gripping crime drama explores the drug infested city of Baltimore, and follows the game of cat and mouse played between the right side of the law and the criminals who poison the city's streets. Seven years after it left our screens, The Wire is still considered one of the finest pieces of television ever made. Watch The Wire seasons 1-5 with Sky Box Sets.

We are delighted that you are exploring our services. What we do and offer are described below.

1. What We Remove From The Sky

2. Service Area

3. Prices

4. Discounts & Gift Certificates

5. How & When To Pay

What We Remove From The Sky

We identify and remove overhead telecommunication wires, Satellite dishes, and TV antennas without entering your home. We only remove items attached to the exterior of your house. Keep reading for more details.

Please know that your home and property, including trees, shrubs, and flower beds, will be treated with the greatest care during the entire job.

1. Overhead Wire Removal

We remove your unneeded overhead phone, Internet, and cable TV wires. That is, we cut these no-longer-in-use overhead telecommunication wires from the exterior of your house to the pole, or wherever they intersect with the main telecommunications lines at the street.

We complete this service in 3 steps, described below:

Identify Wires No Longer in Service

The Wire Sky Golf Course

We identify overhead telecommunication wires that are dead, obsolete, abandoned, or otherwise no longer in service, but are still attached to the exterior of your home.

We can identify and remove these wires, all without having to enter your home. Our job is the removal of wires attached to the exterior of your house.

Remove Unnecessary Wires

Wire skype alternative

We safely remove the dead overhead wires and cables that are attached to your house. This instantly declutters your home, your views, and your neighbors’ views. You will notice that the appearance of your home, garden and your entire street look better once those unneeded wires are removed.

Removal Of Old Service Boxes and Brackets

Included in our wire removal service is the removal of:

  • Old service boxes
  • Extraneous hooks, brackets, and hardware related to those services

The removal of these items is included when we remove your wires.

We DO NOT Remove Power Lines. If you have an exterior electrical problem, please call Seattle City Light.

2. Satellite Dish Removal

You may have a satellite dish attached to your house that you have never even used. Perhaps a previous owner had it installed.

We remove your unneeded Satellite dishes. We also remove the wires associated with the Satellite dish(s).

Please see “Our Prices“, for discounts on multiple Satellite dish removal.

3. TV Antenna Removal

We remove TV Antennae too. We also remove the wires associated with the TV Antenna.

Please see “Our Prices“, for discounts on multiple TV Antennae removal.

Recycling or Disposal of Removed Items

Good News! Most of the wires and hardware that we remove are recyclable. Any non-recyclable items will be disposed of appropriately.

Our Service Area

City of Seattle

Typically, we only offer our services within the city of Seattle. However, we can sometimes expand our service. Read the “Outside City of Seattle” below for those details.

West Seattle

Please know that until there is a bridge to West Seattle, we need to add $75 to the price. This is because it now takes significantly more time to get to West Seattle.

However, if you can get 2 or more other West Seattlites who all want to use our service, we do offer a discount (see below). The discount only applies if all participants schedule their appointments for the same day.

Outside City of Seattle

Although our service area is restricted to the CIty of Seattle, we do offer an exception to locations in the nearby Puget Sound area.

There is a strong possibility that we can visit your non-Seattle home if you can gather 3 or more people in your town/area who can schedule their appointment for the same day.

Please contact us and let us know where you are located and any other relevant details. Then we can let you know if your area qualifies. Again, the service appointments all have to be on the same day to qualify.

Our Prices

Overhead Wire Removal

The Wire Sky Gold

We not only remove your unneeded overhead telecommunication wires running from the street to your home, but we also remove the wires stapled or nailed to your home from these same services. Plus, we remove obsolete service boxes and related hardware attached to your home. All for one price.

  • Only $225, plus tax

Wire removal price is the same for all single-family homes, regardless of the number of wires removed. Therefore, we do not visit your home to give a price estimate.

For Duplexes, Triplexes, or Larger

If you have a duplex, triplex or larger multi-family building, the price may be higher. It will depend upon a few factors. Simply tell us the size of the building in our “Make An Appt” form. Then we will be in contact with you about it.

2 items to remember:
  • Fee of $75 for West Seattle addresses (See “Our Service Area” for details)
  • Discounts available (for West Seattle & all locations)

Satellite Dish & TV Antenna Removal

Wire Skype Alternative

  • $195, plus tax
  • $100, plus tax, for each additional dish or antenna removed from home

We offer a significant discount if you have more than 1 Satellite dish or TV antenna removed from your home. For numbers 2, 3, 4, or more, we only charge $100 each.

Discounts & Gift Certificates

The Wire Sky Go Account


Neighbor Discount

The Wire Sky Go Fund

If 2 or more neighbors join together and arrange to have a service appointment for the same day, each person will enjoy a 10% discount. The discount only applies to neighbors who have their appointments on the same day.

West Seattle Fee Discount

If 2 or more West Seattlites band together, we will split the West Seattle service fee ($75) among the participants.In addition, if your happy band of West Seattlites is composed of neighbors, you also qualify for the Neighbor Discount (above). These discounts only apply if all participants have their appointments on the same day.

Gift Certificates

The Wire Sky Governor

Increasingly, people are paying for their neighbors and friends to have their unneeded overhead wires removed. That is why we now offer gift certificates. The wonderful thing about such a gift is that we all benefit. As the top of this page states:

The Wire Sky Go Login

Together We Can All Enjoy A More Wire Free Sky!

When & How To Pay

When to Pay

Payment is due upon satisfactory completion of work.

Please pay before our service person departs, whether you pay by check or electronically.

How to Pay

We prefer payments by check (or cash). That way we can avoid charging you a 3% processing fee.

  1. By Check (or cash).
    • Make your check out to Wire Free Sky.
  2. Electronically.
    • Pay via Venmo. Our Venmo account is @wirefreesky.
    • If you need to pay by an alternative method, please let us know

Our service person will give you an invoice with the amount to pay, including tax and, if you are paying electronically, the processing fee.

Thank you!

Enjoy a More Wire Free Sky

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