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The (TCM) transmission control module can be a standalone controller or located in the (PCM) powertrain control module. The TCM receives input from various sensors and then uses this information to activate the (TCC) torque converter clutch, control line pressure, and provide smooth shift timing. The TCM-2000 supports most conventional automatic transmissions on the market. Its user friendly yet powerful software interface allows the user to have full control over transmission operation. Ordering To purchase a controller kit, specify the controller (TCM-2000) and the harness for the transmission. Transmission Control Module TCU TCM Fit for Ford Fiesta Focus 2011-2015 4 Door Complete A2C30743100 (USA Stock) 3.5 out of 5 stars 6. Only 1 left in stock. The Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module, often called TEHCM or TCM, is another non-robust part in the terrible transmission on these things. The TEHCM is a multi-purpose part that acts as the transmission control computer along with some sensors and shift solenoids. It lives inside the transmission and swims in the transmission fluid. A Transmission Control Module (TCM), also known as a Transmission Control Unit (TCU), is an electronic device that controls the automatic transmission in your vehicle. Sensors and data provided by the Engine Control Module calculate various components that.

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Nowadays, cars are smart. Your vehicle today is as much a sophisticated computer as it is a mechanical machine, which is great because that computer keeps your engine running safely and more efficiently. What that also means though is that sometimes it can get confusing to understand what the different computer-related components are and what they actually do for your car and its engine.

When people refer to your car’s “computer” you’ll often hear phrases like “engine control module” (ECM), “engine control unit” (ECU), “powertrain control module” (PCM), and “transmission control module” (TCM). Essentially, these are all the different parts of your vehicle’s “brain” that control all the functions and interactions of your car’s different complex subsystems.


We’ll start with the easy one. Both names, Engine Control Module and Engine Control Unit actually refer to the same component. Depending on the manufacturer, this system is called either the ECM or the ECU. What they both do, though, is essentially take in information from various sensors in your car’s engine, allowing your engine to operate with optimal power and efficiency.

In modern engines, the ECM/ECU collects key data from all your car’s engine systems, including the intake, exhaust, cooling system, and several internal components to judge the running condition of the engine. Using that information, it determines the position of the camshafts, the throttle, ignition timing, fuel injection timing, and, in turbocharged cars, waste gate pressure. This keeps your engine running at peak performance, even in changing conditions.

Tcm Transmission

What’s a Transmission Control Module (TCM)?


The Transmission Control Module does exactly what it sounds like—controls your car’s transmission. Similar to the ECM, in automatic transmission vehicles, the TCM takes in information and data from various switches and sensors in your car. These switches and sensors include those monitoring the positions of the gas and brake pedals, the transmission input and output speeds, gear selection, engine torque and speed, oil temperature, and wheel speed.

The TCM collects the information from all the sensors and determines when your transmission should shift gears. Traditional manual transmissions don’t need a TCM because the driver is shifting the gears themselves, but in automatics this component determines how and when your car should shift in order to produce the most efficiency and torque, given the signals it receives from all the sensors around your engine.

What’s a Powertrain Control Module (PCM)?

And finally, the Powertrain Control Module. The PCM is essentially the ECM and the TCM combined into a single module. Although it may appear like a single unit from the outside in most vehicles, it typically is actually two separate units (the ECM and TCM) housed together.

Through both of these systems, the PCM gets inputs from the sensors which are spread around your car and which give information related to Engine management and performance. The other subsystems controlled by the PCM include the Fuel Injection, Fuel emission, Automatic transmission, and Anti-lock brake systems, and so on.

Both the ECM and TCM operate independently in most cases, but because they are housed in a single PCM module, they are able to easily and efficiently share data and work together in tandem when it is necessary. With both the ECM and TCM together in a single unit, PCMs can better synchronize the functions of each one for better power delivery, fuel economy, and overall efficiency. For example, when the PCM decides to change gears, it can back off the throttle to make the shift smoother.

Tcm Transmission

So, although these modules have different—and fancy sounding—names, they all basically work towards the same goal: to make your car smart so that it can operate as best as possible in varying and changing conditions. They are highly complex computers that coordinate functions across all your car’s sub systems in order to make sure everything runs smoothly. By doing so, they are critical to any healthy and properly running car.

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Tcm Transmission Control Module Replacement

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