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T19 transmission identification

Just pulled a t19 out of a ford 4x4 I found in a junk yard. Has 13-09-065-911 stamped on the side as well as borg warner Q1. Does anyone know what stamped numbers on the tag on the top of the transmission mean? JASPER remanufactures domestic automatic transmissions, backed by a nationwide warranty of up to 3 years or 100,000 miles (parts & labor) for your peace of mind. Consider the benefits of purchasing a JASPER remanufactured transmission versus a used or rebuilt unit. The T18 is a top loaded, top shifting truck style transmission. The Ford and some Jeep T18s have a very low compound gear at 6.32:1 and as such it is a popular choice for those wanting a very low crawling gear. T19 versions offer a 6.32:1 (IH), 5:1 or 4:1 (Ford) low gear. The T18 is synchronized in the second through fourth gears. All gears are helically cut except first and reverse, which are spur gears. User-friendly, mobile-responsive, search-engine optimized websites for commercial truck, trailer, heavy equipment, and parts dealers.

T19 Transmission Parts

June of 1998

Since I had a close ratio T19 4spd that I had acquired in Eugene, OR last summer just lying around, and my '72 was not going to be needing it for a while (it was tied up in litigation), and my '77 was lacking in the gearing department, I decided I would swap the T19 in before the Divide Ride '98.

T19 transmission for saleTransmission

I had one week to get everything done.. Lockright install, 4spd swap, and twin-stick transfer case.

I gassed up my '72 Honda CL350 motorcycle and made sure it was running well 'nuff to get me to work, and then started on the trans swap.

I pulled the Scout into the gravel driveway, then pushed and shoved my 1.5T shop-hoist around so I could get it through the driver's door (note: use the passenger side, the steering wheel gets in the way).

I removed the driveshafts and trans cover. I then drained the Dana 20 and removed it. I then ran chain around the back side of the engine and over a 2x6 across the fenders. One of my tow-straps was wrapped tightly around the back end of the T15 3spd and then attached to my shop hoist. I lifted up just a bit, then unbolted the crossmember and the transmission from the crossmember.

I then removed the 6 bellhousing bolts, and disconnected the clutch shift linkage from the transmission. Slide underneath it, and give it a slight tug rearward, and the T15 was free.. I was supporting the bellhousing with my feet, while the rear of the tranny was held by the hoist. I gently lowered it to the ground, and then drug it out from under the Scout (I parked the Scout on top of a set of spare rims for a little extra height on top of the 4' lift)

I pulled the 10' clutch and flywheel, and ended up doing a complete clutch job while I was in there. I had fun riding home from NAPA with a 196's flywheel strapped to my chest on my Honda.. good thing it's a short ride!

Clutch went back together uneventfully. I then drug the T19 (which, BTW, is a good bit heavier!) under the Scout and proceeded to install it. This was the fun part. I spent 2 or 3 days under the Scout trying to get that transmission installed! I used the hoist on the rear side of the T19 and then swung the transmission's bellhousing by hand.. but it was still a heavy pig. The input shaft refused to line up properly. I eventually bought 6 longer bellhousing bolts to use as 'rails' to aid in the installation.. and take a little weight off my sore arms. My back complained loudly before this operation was over.. it was stiff n' sore from exertion. After about 3 days I finally got the transmission to slide home and I cinched it up to the 196.

I then installed the transmission crossmember and removed the chain from the motor.

Ford t19 transmission for sale

I was supposed to have my twin-stick'd Dana 20 ready, but I didn't.. and so the original transfer case (from behind the T15) was reinstalled on Wednesday night after work, then the drivelines reattached, and I was ready for the Divide Ride.. arriving at the camp site at 11pm that Wednesday night.

My T19 came to me without a shifter knob. I had figured on just using the 3spd shifter knob for a while.. unfortunately, the 3spd uses a coarse-thread shift lever, while the 4spd uses a fine-thread. GREAT. In a pinch, I grabbed the 4spd knob off my spare Chevy Luv.. works great.

The transmission swap was a direct bolt-in. Driveshaft lengths remained the same, shifter holes in the trans cover remained the same. All was well.

T19 transmission gear ratios

I have since found out, however, that an older transfer case (like the one behind the T15 that was swapped for the original T90 in my '72) are NOT bolt-ins. The shifter housing is thicker on the inboard side and requires approximately 1/4' of material to be removed prior to installation behind a T19. The shifter housing simply won't clear the side of the transmission. I found this out the hard way at 11pm, in the dirt on the side of the road, on a weeknight, while under my Scout in Missoula, MT trying to get it repaired so I could get home. I was already surpised the day before when I put my spare driveshaft in and found the transfer case broken in two.. imagine my surprise (or is that anger?) when I found my spare transfer case wouldn't fit!

T19 Transmission Fluid