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It includes storybook-addon-markdown-docs which uses mdjs under the hood. Chrome Extension (currently only for GitHub) See live demos directly inside GitHub pages, Markdown files, issues, pull requests. Please check out mdjs-viewer. @storybook/addon-ondevice-actions: mock onPress calls with actions that will log information in the actions tab; @storybook/addon-ondevice-notes: Add some markdown to your stories to help document their usage; @storybook/addon-ondevice-backgrounds: change the background of storybook to compare the look of your component against different. Browse other questions tagged reactjs markdown storybook mdxjs or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 326: What does being a “nerd” even mean these days? A look under the hood: how branches work in Git. Featured on Meta Stack Overflow for Teams is now free for up to 50 users, forever. “Storybook Love” is taken from Mark’s third soundtrack album containing music composed for the 1987 film The Princess Bride which was directed by Rob Reiner and starred Cary Elwes, Robin Wright.

Look for your child’s permission before the massage. Regardless of your child´s age, you have to ask him or her, for example “Can I touch your back to do the massage?” It is important that he or she feels that they can decide.

Of course not! These massages have been designed to be very simple and do not require any previous training. They are not professional techniques. The objective is to create a bond between parent and child through physical contact.

Storybook is designed for children from 0 to 12 years old. Massage is ideal for newborn babies, including premature babies. It is important to learn how to fit them on a pillow or in your lap, so that they feel protected and comfortable.


A child with symptoms of illness, such as a high temperature or vomiting, should not be massaged.


The most important thing when using Storybook is to create a relaxing and distraction-free environment where parent and son can be comfortable. Dim lights and no noise help a lot. Skin-to-skin contact is very important. If it is cold, only the massage area should be uncovered. Oils or creams may be used, but it is not necessary. Also, they can mess up the device you’re using. You can use the app several times a day. The best moments are before or after diaper change or before sleep time.

Massages are not the replacement of a doctor and don’t intend to replace the professional practices of health specialists. If your child has a problem, please discuss it with your doctor.


Yes, you can! You have a FREE 7 day trial to try the app and figure out if it works for you and your children. Almost 100.000 families already love Storybook and we are sure that you will see the amazing benefits. If you find Storybook is not for you, cancel your subscription on the App Store or the Play Store before the trial ends and we won’t charge you the subscription cost. For more info or inquires about Storybook please reach us at [email protected], and our outstanding customer service team will get back to you ASAP.

Over the last years, we have created different projects and recommendations. During this time certain projects have become deprecated as we moved on to different tools or approaches.

This doesn't mean that we've completely dropped support for these projects. While we don't feature them on the main website, we still maintain and support these projects. We don't develop any new features or functionalities, but we will continue to support bugfixes and in some cases update along with the dependent tooling.

The documentation for our legacy projects is maintained in the GitHub readmes:


Storybook Markdown Notes

Legacy projects

  • es-dev-server: we rebranded it as @web/dev-server
  • testing-karma & karma-esm: we now recommend @web/test-runner
  • testing-karma-bs: we now recommend @web/test-runner & @web/test-runner-browserstack
  • rollup-plugin-index-html: we now recommend @web/rollup-plugin-html
  • webpack-import-meta-loader: we now recommend babel-plugin-bundled-import-meta
  • building-webpack: we now recommend rollup over webpack
  • webpack-index-html-plugin: we now recommend rollup over webpack
  • storybook-addon-web-components-knobs: storybook v6 has a new better knobs system
  • rollup-plugin-html: we now recommend @web/rollup-plugin-html
  • rollup-plugin-polyfills-loader: we now recommend @web/rollup-plugin-polyfills-loader
  • demoing-storybook: we now recommend @web/dev-server-storybook
  • polyfills-loader: we now recommend @web/polyfills-loader


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