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Standard AirmailStandard airmail delivery time

Air Mail is a mobile-first digital weekly that unfolds like the better weekend editions of your favorite newspapers. Air Mail is delivered to subscribers’ in-boxes every Saturday at 6:00 AM. Airmail (or air mail) is a mail transport service branded and sold on the basis of at least one leg of its journey being by air. Airmail items typically arrive more quickly than surface mail, and usually cost more to send.

International Airmail Service

How long does standard airmail take

Standard Airmail Tracking

Standard airmail

Standard Airmail Rates

  1. “Standard days” shows the required average period from when you submit parcels (Japan time) until when they are delivered (local time). Each number is calculated based on notification from each country. The day of submission is not included.
  2. The number listed in the table only indicates the average time required for normal delivery and does not in any way guarantee the exact number of days required for delivery. Depending on the contents, the article may require more days for customs clearance. The number might also be changed by handling conditions at the location.
  3. In cases if the period from acceptance to transfer and delivery falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday or if the airport security requires additional examination as well as if a delay or cancellation occur in a flight schedule, delivery may take longer.
  4. SAL parcels are transported to destination countries using vacant space on aircrafts. Delivery may take longer if there is not enough space. Delivery may take longer if there is not enough space. Therefore, the standard days has a margin of about a week.