Sophos Xg L2tp

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Follow the steps below to configure the iPad to connect to your Sophos XG using an L2TP VPN. Click the main menu of the iPad and go to Settings General Network. Click VPN Add VPN Configuration Select L2TP and complete the following fields.


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Sophos Xg L2tp Setup



The article describes the procedure to configure an L2TP VPN remote access on a Sophos XG Firewall.

How to configure an L2TP VPN remote access

Enable L2TP VPN connections, assign IP addresses and add members

  • Go to VPN > Show VPN Settings.
  • Select the L2TP tab. Complete the following fields under the General Settings and Client Information sections and then click Apply.
Enable L2TPCheck Enable
Assign IP fromEnter the IP address range to lease.
Allow leasing IP address from RADIUS server for L2TP, PPTP, and CISCO VPN clientOptional, check this if you want to lease IP’s through RADIUS.
Primary DNS ServerSelect a DNS Server from the drop-down list, or you can specify the DNS server by selecting Other.
Secondary DNS ServerSelect a DNS Server from the list, or you can specify the DNS server by selecting Other.
Primary WINS ServerOptional
Secondary WINS ServerOptional

Sophos XG Firewall: How To Configure An L2TP VPN Connection ...

  • Click Add Member(s) to add an L2TP member. In this example, we’ve selected happy to add as an L2TP member.
How to get VPN Logs using the Sophos Firewall (SF) CLI Console
  • Click Apply to save the changes.

Create an L2TP policy

  • Go to VPN > L2TP (Remote Access) and click Add to add an L2TP connection.
  • Complete the following image and then click Save.
  • Click the red icon under the Active column to activate the connection. Once connected it will show up as green.

Create a firewall rule

  • Go to Firewall, click Add Firewall Rule and select User/Network Rule.
  • Configure the rule as follows:
Sophos Xg L2tp
  • Click Save.
  • Note: It is possible for the remote host to access the internet via the XG Firewall. To do this, create a firewall rule with VPN as the source zone and WAN as the destination zone.

You can configure IPsec remote access connections. Users can establish the connection using the Sophos Connect client.


The Sophos Connect client allows you to enforce advanced security and flexibility settings, such as connecting the tunnel automatically. To configure and establish IPsec remote access connections over the Sophos Connect client, do as follows:

  • Configure the IPsec remote access connection.
  • Send the configuration file to users.
  • Add a firewall rule.
  • Send the Sophos Connect client to users. Alternatively, users can download it from the user portal.

Users must do as follows:

  • Install the Sophos Connect client on their endpoint devices.
  • Import the configuration file into the client and establish the connection.

Sophos Xg L2tp Not Working

Sophos Xg L2tp

Configure IPsec (remote access)

Specify the settings for IPsec remote access connections.

Sophos XG Firewall: How To Set The Authentication Method For L2TP Or PPTP VPN Users

  1. Go to VPN > IPsec (remote access) and click Enable.
  2. Specify the general settings:




    Select a WAN port.

    Authentication type

    Specify a preshared key or the local and remote certificates.

    Local ID

    Remote ID

    Specify the IDs if required.

    Allowed users and groups

    Select the users and groups you want to allow.

  3. Specify the client information. The following settings are an example:





    Assign IP from

    DNS server 1

  4. Specify the advanced settings you want and click Apply.



    Permitted network resources (IPv4)



    Send Security Heartbeat through tunnel

    Sends the Security Heartbeat of remote clients through the tunnel.

    Allow users to save username and password

    Users can save their credentials.

  5. Click Export connection.

    The exported tar.gz file contains a .scx file and a .tgb file.

  6. Send the .scx file to users.
  7. Optional To assign a static IP address to a user connecting through the Sophos Connect client, do as follows:
    1. Go to Authentication > Users, and select the user.
    2. On the user's settings page, go down to IPsec remote access, click Enable, and enter an IP address.