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Sophos XG 86 Firewall provides all the latest advanced technology you need to protect your network from ransomware and advanced threats including top-rated IPS, Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud Sandboxing, Dual AV, Web and App Control, Email Protection and a full-featured Web Application Firewall. Sophos Firewall is also available on all popular virtualization platforms, including VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 and 2012, KVM, and Citrix Xen App platforms. You can also install Sophos Firewall as a software appliance on your own x86 hardware. Firewall Customer Resource Center. Model: Sophos XG 86 Description: These new models come with the following changes vs. The XG 85(w)/105(w): XG 86 / 86w – RAM increased to 4 GB, eMMC storage increased to 16 GB.

With the Sophos XG 86 you bring your network security to an all-time high level.

Product Description Sophos XG 86 & XG 86W Firewalls Sophos XG Firewall brings a fresh new approach to the way you manage your firewall, respond to threats, and monitor what’s happening on your network. Note: The XG 86 and 86w do not support some advanced features like on-box reporting, dual AV scanning, WAF AV scanning and the email message transfer agent (MTA) functionality. If you need these capabilities, the XG 106(w) is recommended. Performance¹ XG 86(w) Rev.

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The replacement to the SG series comes with the all-new Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS). The operating system brings a whole new level of firewall management to the market. It fits perfectly into any network and can also work with other security systems around it, giving you unprecedented levels of simplicity, insight and advanced threat protection. Intel multi-core technology gives Sophos XG 86 the best performance and efficiency. Its small form factor allows it to work quietly in the background.

Note: Due to the limited performance of the XG 86 and 86w, a few features such as On Box Reporting, Dual AV Scanning, WAF AV Scanning and the Email Message Transfer Agent (MTA) capability are not available on these models. The complete range of SFOS features is available from the XG 106(w) onwards.

Attention: The SMTP email scan size limit for the XG 86 and 86w is only 1024KB!

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