Sophos Xg 125 Firewall

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When you configure XG Firewall as the DHCP server, it provides IP addresses and network parameters, such as the default gateway, subnet mask, DNS servers, and WINS servers to DHCP clients.

The RocketMSP Podcast, formerly MSP Webinars, brings MSP business owners, channel vendors, and other interesting people on for interviews and conversations w. If there is multiple firewall rules from VPN to LAN zones, then put the above firewall rule at the top of the list as described in Sophos XG Firewall: How to change firewall rule order. It is possible for the remote host to access the internet via the XG Firewall. Sophos XG 125 & XG 125W Firewalls Sophos XG Firewall brings a fresh new approach to the way you manage your firewall, respond to threats, and monitor what’s happening on your network. XG Firewall always has one default interface configured on initial start-up using the IP address If you used the initial setup assistant, then you may have changed this already and set up additional interfaces. Sophos Next Generation Firewall XG 125 is ideal for Small Businesses and branch offices at excellent price-to-performance ratio Work with software modules (to be ordered) for the security features. Firewall: 5 Gpbs, VPN: 410 Mbps, NGFW(IPS+App Ctrl): 360 Mbps, AV Proxy: 590 Mbps.


In this scenario, we configure XG Firewall as the DHCP server to lease IP addresses to clients within the server's subnet. Do as follows:

Sophos Xg 125 Datasheet

  • Specify the DHCP server settings.
  • Add static IP addresses if required.
  • Start the DHCP server if required.
  • Check the IP addresses leased by the server.

Sophos Xg 125 Firewall Manual

Sophos Xg 125 Firewall

Specify the DHCP server settings

Configure XG Firewall as the DHCP server to lease dynamic IP addresses directly to endpoint devices and a static IP address to a test server within the server's network.
Sophos xg firewall
  1. Go to Network > DHCP. Under Server, click Add.
  2. The following settings are an example. You must specify your network's settings:




    Port2 -

    Interface on which XG Firewall listens to DHCP requests.

    Dynamic IP lease to

    Static IP MAC mapping

    Hostname: TestServer

    MAC address: 2C:0E:3D:9C:CB:E4

    IP address:


    Interface IP address as the gateway for the clients.

    Use device's DNS settings

    DNS servers for the clients to contact.

  3. Click Save.