Sophos X86

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My go to firewall when one is needed. No muss or fuss when compared to a Cisco, Juniper or other less worth while competitors... The stability longevity and overall security of these systems (when you know what your doing) is second to none. Every system update adds another fix or feature with no empty mess in between. Every iteration makes things more and more useful and simple for the most part! Hard to get any better QoS control than the traffic shaping tab in PFS. Will run on just about anything, and if you have a gig card n it, game over you just got a firewall that is unbeatable, and unless you break it yourself, hardware failure is going to be your only down time!
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Sophos X86

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Sophos Home offers clear and easy to understand subscription pricing. We offer one- and two-year pricing options, and discounts for continuing customers. Renewals are done automatically at the end of the subscription period, with clear communication via email about upcoming renewal events. Sophos Sophos X86 Desktop Network Firewall Appliance. Rating. Name Email. Review Subject. Comments. $332.50. SKU: XG8BTCHEK Weight: 5.00 LBS Shipping: Calculated at Checkout. Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Add to Cart. 0day Application Pack (1.7 GB) This is a collection of applications released from 07/30 to 08/02 by various groups.There are hundreds pf big and small applications. But they're worth download. The result is that Intel grew market share for x86 CPUs overall by 0.7 points, bringing it to 78.3 percent. Sophos Sophos Cybersecurity Learning Center Partner Program Guide Showcase Dell.