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Add two factor authentication to a VPN to help make sure that only those who should have access to your corporate network are able to log in to it remotely.


Admins can use Sophos/Google Authenticator or email authentication to sign in. This page tells you how to do the following: Set up multi-factor authentication. Sign in with multi-factor authentication for the first time. Sign in with email authentication (if you don't have Sophos/Google Authenticator). What’s new in Sophos UTM Accelerated (9.2): #4 – Safer two-factor authentication Start a Sophos demo in less than a minute. See exactly how our solutions work in a full environment without a commitment. Using a Sophos 2fa VPN will hide any eating activities from some router. It mental faculty prevent anyone from seeing the websites you visit with brawny encryption. However, the period of time when you connect to a VPN dining-room attendant can not be hidden even on a router. IPsec client with 2FA VPN using Sophos UTM RSA SecurID 2FA for Sophos UTM Duo of information on this on Two-Factor - Two-Step Authentication SOLVED Sophos — Duo integrates with can't really do it. Not seeing a lot 2FA for remote access flexible authentication options available Set Up - YouTube would like to incorporate Okta Sophos XG and UTM. Sophos UTM’s OTP self-provisioning process is very slick and helps to reduce user resistance to adopting two factor authentication. There is also very little administrative overhead for provisioning or allocating tokens for users, once the User Portal has been enabled. The associated cost is therefore very low from a HR perspective.

Once you have set up your SSL VPN with 2 factor authentication on the Sophos UTM, follow the below steps to set up the SSL VPN client and use 2 factor authentication for logging in.

This can be used from a Windows or Mac device.

  1. Log in to the UTM user portal on the device you would like to install the VPN on.
  2. Once logged in, go to the ‘Remote Access’ tab and download the client for the device.
  3. Once the client has downloaded, open it and click Next, then I Agree.
  4. Click Install and if you get a further popup, click install again.
  5. When the installer has finished, click Next and Finish.
  6. You will notice an icon appear on the taskbar that looks like a traffic light. This is the VPN client software now running on the device.
  7. Open the Google Authenticator App on your phone and make a note of the code. Note that this changes every 30 seconds.

8. Double click the traffic light icon to connect to the VPN. This will prompt you for login details. Your login details will be DomainUsernameDomainPassword + 2FAcode E.G. If your server details were User1 and $unb33ftrackMar$, your VPN details would be User1 and $unb33ftrackMar$274472 (in this example).

9. The traffic light icon will then turn green and Windows will give you message that it is connected.

10. To disconnect from the VPN, double click the icon and choose Disconnect.


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Sophos Utm 2fa Vpn

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