Sophos Phishing Threat

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Sophos Phish Threat teaches end users to spot phony phishing messages with a series of simulated atta. The weakest link in a company's cyber-defenses? Sophos’s web protection claims to keep your computer safe from malicious websites, including malware sites and fake phishing pages disguised as legit websites to steal your personal information, like social media logins and bank account details.

Deploying the Sophos Outlook add-in involves several steps.

Sideloading is recommended for proof of concept and testing purposes only. Sideloading refers to the process of installing Sophos Outlook add-in on an individual end-user system, see the 'Sideloading installation instructions'.


You should check if Office 365 centralized deployment of add-ins will work in your environment.

If you are ready to begin centralized deployment of Sophos Outlook add-in, see the 'Manage deployment' instructions to get started.

For customers in an on-premise environment without a connection to Office 365, use the Exchange Admin Center to install Sophos Outlook add-in for your organization.

Our mission at Sophos is to provide the best security solutions on the market and to make them easier to understand, deploy and manage than any of our competitors’ offerings.

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From our continuous assessment of the threat landscape, two things are abundantly clear: first, that email is one of the most problematic sources of infection; and second, it’s the ordinary, well-meaning people who often let poisonous emails into their organizations.

Sophos Phish Threat Pricing

It’s easy to be tricked into clicking on a malicious email. So wouldn’t it be great to create a culture where the first instinct of each user was to think twice — even if just for a moment — before clicking on links, downloading attachments or running software that arrived via email? Think of how many threats could be neutralized before they even have a chance to make their way on to corporate networks.

Sophos Phishing Threat

So we’re excited to be able to help create that culture by announcing Sophos Phish Threat, a phishing attack simulator that’s powerful, thoughtful and very easy to use. You’ll be up and running in minutes, with campaigns to help your users learn to spot phishing links, dangerous attachments, and bogus scripts meant to cripple your organization before they have a chance to do harm.

Sophos Phish Threat Pricing

Simply choose a campaign type, select one or more training modules, pick a simulated phishing message, and decide which users to test. Then sit back as the results roll in: top-notch reporting tells you how many messages have been sent out, who’s clicked, and, of those, who’s gone through the required modules. It couldn’t be easier.

Sophos Phish Threat is the outcome of our worldwide hunt for the right technology to offer. That hunt led us to Silent Break Security and its Phish Threat application.

The simulator was developed by Brady Bloxham, the founder of the company, whose pedigree as a former National Security Agency analyst helped convince us that it’s a perfect fit alongside our other best-of-breed solutions in the Sophos Central Admin management console. Brady’s product and team are the perfect addition to the Sophos family and we’re delighted to have them join us.

Sophos Phish Threat is available today in North America and will be available soon in other regions. Give it a try for free and let us know what you think!

Sophos Phish Threat

If you’re lucky enough to be attending RSA 2017, visit us at booth 3201 to see Sophos Phish Threat and many of our other industry-leading products in action.