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  2. Sophos Central Macos Big Sur

Can users with macOS 11 and the new Apple M1 hardware run Sophos Mac Endpoint Protection with the Big Sur EAP?
Yes. M1 users with Big Sur need to follow three steps:

  1. Install Rosetta 2
  2. Join the Big Sur EAP
  3. Run Sophos using Rosetta 2

Central Device Encryption for Mac version 1.5.3 will support Big Sur. This is planned for release in November 2020. Once macOS 11 (full) has been released and the Sophos Central Endpoint and Central Device Encryption for Mac are updated and released to Central, these products will. Version 10.0.4 New New features. Support for macOS 11 Big Sur. Updated components. The threat detection engine version is 3.80.1. Resolved issues. Security improvements. MacOS Big Sur (11.0) includes additional software security on the hard drive. Additional steps are needed when installing Sophos Anti-Virus to allow access to all areas of the hard drive (for scanning, etc.).

What is Rosetta 2?
Rosetta 2 is a commonly used tool that enables a Mac with Apple silicon to use apps built for a Mac with an Intel processor. For instructions on installation, please refer to

Will there be a performance difference when using Rosetta 2?
Native support using the full power and performance of the Apple hardware will always be faster than using Rosetta 2. For normal business users there should not be any discernable difference. For heavy users of disk or CPU (for example: video editing, heavy photoshop usage, compiling) they will notice a difference in performance.

Sophos Macos Big Sur

When is macOS 11 support coming?
The goal is to have macOS 11 support available to all customers by early March 2021. This includes support for both Sophos Central and Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC) managed devices. Brand new customers will have support from mid-February 2021. We will be upgrading all existing customers in stages, between mid-February and early March as per our normal release process.

Will Apple M1 Hardware be supported when we release Big Sur support?
Yes and this support will come in two stages. Stage 1 will be using Rosetta 2 and Stage 2 will be native support.

When will M1 processors be natively supported?
An early access program for native Apple M1 processor support will begin in early April. Planned GA is before the end of CYQ2. Native support means that Rosetta 2 is no longer required for emulation.

Sophos Central Big Sur

Will customers need to take any action when we support macOS 11 or the Apple M1 hardware?
When we release GA support for macOS 11 we will move all EAP devices to recommended. Customers do not need to take any action. The same will be true when we GA native support for the Apple M1 hardware. All devices that were running using Rosetta 2 will automatically use the native implementation.

Sophos Central Macos Big Sur

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