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Sophos iView takes full advantage of our patented Layer-8 user identity to provide visibility into user activities. Get insights into users accessing P2P and other high risk applications, unproductive web surfing, user machines triggering ATP events, downloads and bandwidth consumption across your entire network, regardless of where users are. Sophos iView Try XG Firewall Instead To provide you with the best possible protection and the latest technology, XG Firewall is available for trial. Sophos iView has entered the End of Sale/End of Life phase of the product lifecycle.

Sorry, this product is no longer available, Please contact us for a replacement.

Sophos iview free license


Sophos iView is a dedicated reporting appliance that extends and enhances the UTM's on-box reporting helping customers meet compliance reporting requirements, providing consolidated reporting across multiple UTMs, nearly limitless views and customization options, and a convenient backup and long-term storage solution for all your UTM reporting data.

Sophos iView provides:

  • Over 1000 built-in reports and views you can customize
  • Consolidated reporting across any number of Sophos UTM appliances
  • Compliance reporting for HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, and SOX
  • Easy out-of-the-box setup and operation with Sophos UTM

Sophos iView is available as a software appliance you can install on your choice of hardware or your preferred virtual environment including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM.


Added visibility:

With over 1000 built-in reports and drill-down views, there's nothing you can't see or monitor on your network. We've made compliance reporting easy for HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA and SOX. You can even build your own custom reports and dashboards, focusing on problem areas or users on your network.

Consolidated reporting

Sophos iView aggregates log and report data from all your Sophos UTMs into a consolidated view of all your network activity. Get a clear picture of what is happening on your network at any time from a single pane of glass.

Security intelligence

A glance at the central iView dashboard lets you quickly identify potential network issues, such as suspect users or traffic anomalies, anywhere across your entire network. Spikes in ICMP traffic or unusual bandwidth consumption may indicate a possible attack.


Log backup and management

Sophos iView provides essential persistent long-term backup of all your reporting and log data so if you need to upgrade or replace an appliance, your logs and reporting data is safe. Smart indexing and powerful search enables quick retrieval for audits or forensics

iView Feature List:

Log reports:

  • Real-time log
  • Archive log
  • Audit log
  • Archived log search
  • Log storage (backup/ restore)
  • Exportable format: MS Excel
  • Compliance support


  • Over 1000 reports and views
  • Historical reports
  • Search reports
  • Customized report views and dashboards
  • Reports Include: Security, Spam, Virus, Traffic, Blocked Attempts, Blocked Web Attempts
  • Compliance reports: HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX and FISMA
  • Multi-format reports: tabular, graphical
  • Exportable formats: PDF, Excel
  • Email alerts/automated report scheduling
  • Real-time reports


  • Web-based management console
  • Role-based administration
  • Multiple dashboards: report, resource and custom
  • Automatic device detection:
    • Device Grouping
    • Geographical location
    • Device type
    • Device models
    • Administrators
  • Reports accessible from any location using a standard web browser

Operating environment:

  • Integrated with Sophos UTM Hardened Linux OS
  • Integrated install wizard
  • Works out-of-the-box with Sophos UTM

Virtual appliance specifications:

  • Sophos iView is available as a virtual appliance only.
  • Sophos iView supports VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix, and KVM virtual environments
  • The license you purchase should be matched to your environments activity and storage requirement


iView Specifications
Sophos iView LicensevSI-1TBvSI-8TBvSI-Unlimited
Storage Limit1 TB8 TBUnlimited (16 TB recommended)
Recommended CPUDual coreQuad coreQuad core
Recommended memory4 GB4 GB8 GB
Aproximate event capacityUp to 300 events per secondUp to 600 events per secondUp to 2,000 events per second


Download the Sophos iView Data Sheet (PDF).

Sophos Iview Download Free

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Pricing Notes:

  • All Prices are Inclusive of GST
  • Pricing and product availability subject to change without notice.

iView page allows administrator to configure Sophos iView as centralized reporting server for all managed Devices.

To configure iView as the reporting server, refer the steps shown below.

Sophos Iview Configuration

  1. Go to System Management > System Settings > Administration > iView > and click Enable iView Integration.
  2. Specify the iView Server details based on the description shown below.

    Displays Username of iView administrator user i.e. admin. This field cannot be updated.


    Specify password of iView administrator user.

    Re-enter the password to confirm.

    Note Password can only be edited if Enable iView Integration is selected.
    iView internal IP address

    Specify LAN IP address of iView Web Admin Console.

    Web Admin Port

    Specify port number to access iView Web Admin Console over LAN.

    iView external IP address

    Specify WAN IP address of iView Web Admin Console.

    Web Admin Port

    Specify port number to access iView Web Admin Console over Internet.

    Select Syslog Server

    Select Syslog Server to send log data of all managed Devices. The syslog server can be configured from Policy > System > Configuration > Log Settings > Syslog Servers.

    Sync Configuration Changes only

    Click to synchronize only newly added or updated entries immediately.

    Sync Full Configuration

    Specify the time interval at which entire device-user repository will be synchronized.

  3. Click Apply.