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Sophos will for the first time protect Chrome OS uses against unsuitable and malicious web content with its rebranded Intercept X for Mobile offering.

Central Intercept X - 10-24 Users - 12 Months - Renewal Learn More Availability: Contact for availability If product is a license, these are always in stock and generally emailed within 48 hours. Do you have questions? Looking for something in particular? Click above to speak in real time chat with one of our engineers or sales executives. Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Protection is an excellent hosted solution from a very veteran security company. Sophos Intercept X is ideal for businesses with an Information Technology team and many endpoints to protect. If your business includes hundreds or even thousands of endpoints, Sophos Intercept X is a potent protection product.


The Oxford, U.K.-based platform security vendor said the new mobile security capabilities will address the huge explosion of Chromebooks in the education space as well as its breaking into the health care and general corporate space as the devices move upmarket and become more feature-rich, according to Chief Product Officer Dan Schiappa.

Sophos Mtr Cost

“The [Chromebook] devices are getting much more prevalent and much more capable,” Schiappa told CRN. “We [now] in a meaningful way protect pretty much have every compute platform we expect an enterprise to have.”

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In the early days, Schiappa said Chromebooks were primarily used only on educational campuses, meaning that firewall protection was sufficient to block malicious URLs and web sites. But as students increasingly bring the Chromebooks home and connect to the internet outside of the school network, Schiappa said educational institutions must also ensure that Chromebooks are protected on the edge.

By adding training for Intercept X’s machine-learning models and further extracting features for Android and Chrome OS devices, Schiappa said Sophos has been able to vastly improve its catch rate for malicious applications. Chrome OS users will also benefit from Intercept X for Mobile’s tie-ins with Sophos Unified Endpoint Management as well as Microsoft Intune, Schiappa said.

Schiappa said Intercept X for Mobile can now determine apps installed by students or teachers on Chrome OS devices have malicious intent or operate unethically such as “fleeceware,” which Schiappa said tricks people into signing up for unwanted services or overcharges them.

“They always try to work around or within their boundaries to execute their malware,” Schiappa said.

Fleeceware excels at exploiting loopholes in the rules of Apple’s App Store or Google Play to evade detection but behave in an unethical or deceptive manner, according to Schiappa. Adversaries are increasingly going after users on mobile devices due to many enterprises having insufficient protections in place.

“Don’t secure the PC-based platforms and forget about mobile,” Schiappa said. “I’ve been screaming from the highest mountains that people need to worry about it.”


Intercept X for Mobile scours App Store libraries to identify malicious activity, Schiappa said, looking for apps that have been side-loaded onto a mobile device or smartphones that have been jailbroken to install an application. As hackers adapt new techniques in the mobile space to evade detection, he said Sophos is employing machine learning to identify things the company has never seen before.

Sophos Intercept X Pricing Tool

Too many organizations overlook securing employee-owned devices, which can introduce significant risk into an organization since no device is off limits to an attacker, according to Scott Larson, owner of Technology By Design. Larson said Intercept X for Mobile will help the Minneapolis-based solution provider protect customers from the most sophisticated and advanced threats.

“Intercept X for Mobile provides the best-in-class protection needed to secure personal and company-issued devices in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape,” Larson said in a statement. “It’s a must-have, non-intrusive solution that strengthens any organization’s defenses.”

To achieve true defense in depth, endpoint protection needs to be able to detect all types of attack tools and techniques, not just malware.

Attackers increasingly rely on non-malware, or fileless, attack techniques to gain remote access to victim networks.


These remote access agents have been notoriously hard to detect and block due to their configurability and their ability to hide from your defenses.

Dynamic Shellcode Protection is an exciting new addition to Sophos Intercept X, designed to prevent active adversaries from achieving one of their most sought-after goals: using remote access agents to gain “hands on keyboard” privileges.

Adversaries love remote access agents

Adversaries plant agents to give them remote access to a system so they can conduct more robust attacks. They are a favorite post-exploitation tool used in “living off the land” attacks, enabling the attacker to issue commands, scope a victim’s environment, or drop ransomware.

Remote access agents have recently been used in high profile attacks like SolarWinds and Gootloader. The adversary takes control of an already running process and controls it for their own use.

Using the analogy of a plane hijacking, while other steps in the attack chain give the attackers access to the cockpit, it’s the remote access agents that give them the ability to control the plane. To make the situation even more difficult, even after the attacker is ejected the shell they leave behind can still be used to remotely control the plane.

Sophos Intercept X Pricing Plans

Dynamic Shellcode Protection in Intercept X

Sophos Intercept X Price List

Dynamic Shellcode Protection is a system-level mitigation that detects the behavior of covert remote access agents and prevents attackers from gaining control of victim’s networks.

This game-changing feature is included and enabled in all Intercept X Advanced and Intercept X Advanced with EDR subscriptions for both endpoint and server. It protects against advanced, stealthy malware and memory-delivered post-exploitation agents. It doesn’t rely on signatures, machine learning, or the cloud; instead it focuses on suspicious behavior.

Suspicious behavior includes identifying processes that create a remote agent inside another process. This allows attackers to come in through one application and migrate to another application while maintaining a connection to their command and control systems. It also gives them the ability to hide their tracks and establish persistence on the device.

With Dynamic Shellcode Protection, Intercept X customers can take comfort in knowing they now have even stronger protection against remote access trojans, fileless malware, and ransomware attacks.

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Sophos Intercept X Pricing Uk

For a technical deep dive into this attack technique and how Dynamic Shellcode Protection stops it, read Mark Loman’s excellent article.


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