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HitmanPro cleans malware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, trackers, ransomware and spyware while HitmanPro.Alert provides continuous scanning in real time. Sophos.log; Location: C:ProgramDataHitmanPro.AlertLogs: Description: Contains information related to CryptoGuard ransomware protection and exploit mitigation. 1 log rotation and maximum 32MB. Sophos HitmanPro Alert install log.txt; Location: C:WindowsTemp: Description.

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Product Overview

This is Available to Purchase Through ConnectWise. Contact Your Account Manager for More Details.

HitmanPro runs alongside your current antivirus, using its behavioral, deep-scanning technology to find and eliminate zero-day malware that has avoided detection. Every day a new host of next-gen malware is activated, and it can be found everywhere, even on trusted websites. Make sure your system is protected against the malware designed to slip through the cracks.
How Does It Work?
Behavioral detections + collective intelligence
Sophos hitmanproInstead of solely relying on product signatures to detect malware, HitmanPro investigates each file’s behavior to determine what acts malicious. This approach gives HitmanPro the ability to stop brand-new and complex malware and viruses before they’ve been identified. HitmanPro also accesses the Kaspersky Labs, Bitdefender and SophosLabs remote malware databases, allowing for immediate detection of even more forms of malware, while tracking the malware to its source.
No installation needed
Sophos HitmanproHitmanPro is only 12 MB and requires no installation. It can start directly from a desktop, USB Flash Drive, CD/DVD, or a remote storage device. Even if your antivirus is being manipulated by malware or ransomware is getting a hold of your files, HitmanPro functions normally, detecting and removing the threat.
Comprehensive remediation

Sophos Hitmanpro

HitmanPro has the ability to remove persistent threats from within your operating system and replaces infected Windows resources with safe, original versions, all while proactively blocking reinfection attempts.
Learn how HitmanPro works alongside your current antivirus product and integrates with ConnectWise Automate. Plus, see a demo of how HitmanPro scans to locate undetected viruses that antivirus products miss, then sends that information to LabTech to do the required work.

Sophos Hitmanpro Excalibur Db

Sophos Hitmanpro Service Missing