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GitHub account for Sophos IaaS offerings. Sophos IaaS has 10 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. Dockerfile Sophos antivirus. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

Find out how to integrate container image scanning with Sophos Cloud Optix.

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  • Getting a Cyberoam device to be upgraded to Sophos XG home GitHub Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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The way you set Sophos Cloud Optix up to scan container images for vulnerabilities depends on where they are stored.

  • Amazon Elastic Container Registries (ECR) and Microsoft Azure Container Registries (ACR).

    You first need to add the AWS or Azure environment for the registries to Sophos Cloud Optix. The registries then appear in the list in Container Images, and you choose which registries to set up for scanning.

  • Docker Hub registries.

    Use the Add Docker Hub Registry assistant.

  • GitHub and Bitbucket accounts (IaC).

    You first need to add your Bitbucket or GitHub environments to Sophos Cloud Optix, then turn on container image scanning for IaC environments. Images identified in Dockerfile and Docker Compose files in those environments are submitted for scanning when you run a git push command.

  • Images in your build pipeline.

    Use the Sophos Cloud Optix REST API to scan images and collect the results.

You can delete or update registries in Container Images > Registries.

Each container image scanned by Sophos Cloud Optix is counted as a cloud asset for licensing.

If you delete a container image, the image and all related data are removed from Sophos Cloud Optix within a few hours.

Set up Amazon ECR or Microsoft ACR

To add an Amazon ECR or Microsoft ACR, do as follows:
  1. Go to DISCOVER and click Container Images > Setup.
  2. Go to Scan images from your container registries and click Add Registries.
    A list of registries that haven't been set up for image scanning appears.
  3. Click + to add a registry.
  4. In the dialog box that opens, enter your credentials and click Save. Sophos Cloud Optix can use either admin credentials or a service principal for Microsoft ACRs. See Azure Container Registry authentication with service principals.
    The registry is connected to Sophos Cloud Optix. Container images are fetched from the registry and queued for scanning.

Github Sophos Removal Tool

You can check the status of your images on Container Images, under Scan Queue or Scanned Images.