Sophos Central Server

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Version 2.7.8

New features

This version of the Server Core Agent supports the EDR 3 capabilities in Sophos Central. Live Discover allows admins to use Osquery to search the device data across their estate to answer almost any question they can think of. Live Response allows admins to remotely connect to devices and get access to a command-line interface. This enables them to perform detailed investigations or to take prompt action to contain or remediate a threat.

The MTD option is shown as 'Detect network traffic to command and control servers' in the Sophos Central server policy. Updated components Sophos Anti. When you configure Sophos Firewall as the DHCP server, it provides IP addresses and network parameters, such as the default gateway, subnet mask, DNS servers, and WINS servers to DHCP clients. In this scenario, we configure Sophos Firewall as the DHCP server to lease IP addresses to clients within the server's subnet. By submitting this form, you consent to be contacted about Sophos products and services from members of the Sophos group of companies and selected companies who partner with us to provide our products and services. Sophos is committed to safeguarding your privacy. If installing on a Windows or Linux AMI without Sophos either: Copy the download link to the relevant Server Installer within Sophos Central, under the Protect Devices section. Download the relevant Server Installer within Sophos Central, under the Protect Devices section and upload it to your S3 bucket.

New components

Sophos Live Terminal 1.0.267, which is used for Live Response.

Updated Components

Sophos AutoUpdate updated to version 6.3.210.

Sophos Management Communication System updated to version 4.12.325.

Sophos Central Server Location

Sophos Health Service updated to version 2.4.7.

Sophos Central Server Protection Datasheet

Sophos Network Threat Protection updated to version 1.9.2373.


Sophos Endpoint UI updated to version 2.0.367.

Sophos Uninstaller updated to version

Sophos Endpoint Defense updated to version

Sophos Central Server

Sophos Central Server Advanced Protection

Sophos Clean updated to version

Sophos File Scanner updated to version 1.7.417.

Threat Detection Engine updated to 3.78.7.

Sophos Live Query updated to version

Sophos Diagnostic Utility updated to version 6.3.224.

Sophos Antimalware Scan Interface Protection updated to version 1.2.225.

Resolved issues


Sophos Web Server Protection

Resolved issues for this release.
Issue IDComponentDescription
WINEP-25272, WINEP-25354Sophos Network Threat ProtectionResolved an issue in which AsyncComms leaks resources, leading to high resource usage.