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Sophos Central: Domains and ports required for communication to and from Sophos Central Admin and the Sophos Central managed endpoint KB-000035367 Dec 21, 2020 51 people found this article helpful.

  • In version 18, Sophos will release a very cinvenient feature called Sophos Central Management & Reporting. With this feature, user can manage and see log viewer of Sophos XG by Sophos Central.
  • So this article will guide how to configure Sophos Central Management & Reporting feature.
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  • To config this feature we have to connect Sophos XG device with Sophos Central.
  • Firstly, we login on Sophos XG’ GUI.
  • Go to PROTECT > Central synchronization > click Register.
  • After that we will fill in Sophos Central’s email and password in box and then click Register.
  • If we don’t have Sophos Central account, click Create Sophos Central account to create new account.
  • After registration, the interface will display as the following image.
  • In Sophos Central services, we will turn it.
  • Firewall Management and Reporting from Sophos Central board will appeard, mark on Use Sophos Central Reporting and Sophos Central Management.
  • Click Apply to apply.
  • Next we will login Sophos Central by admin account.
  • Go to PRODUCTS > Firewall Management > Firewalls.
  • We will see the information of Sophos XG device.
  • Click Accept services to allow Sophos XG device sent services to Sophos Central.
SophosManagementSophos Central Management

Sophos Central Management Corporation

  • To access Sophos XG device’ GUI, click on Serial or Name below FW Name, IP and wait a few second to access.

Sophos Central Management

  • Now we can configure everything the same as on the GUI.
  • To back Firewall Management on Sophos Central, click Back to FW Management.