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After you uninstall Sophos Anti-Virus, the Scan with Sophos Anti-Virus command is still present in a Finder shortcut menu. It disappears when you log in to your Mac again. In Sophos Enterprise Console and Sophos Control Center, you can set up email alerting for Virus alerts, Scanning errors or Other errors.

Oct 06, 2020 Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X 9.7.5 and later 9.8.3+ blocks updating and installation for Insecure Clients Version 9.8.3+ will enforce this security mechanism and block installation on an insecure platform, in addition to alerting about it. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X. Find your product Version 9. To install Sophos Anti-Virus so that it is managed by Enterprise Console, see the startup guides on the Enterprise Console page. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X standalone startup guide. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X Help. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X release notes. Installing Sophos Home on M1 (Silicon) Apple computers (ARM) Installing Sophos Home on Mac computers; Legacy System Extension - Existing software on your system signed by 'Sophos' will be incompatible in the future; Sophos Home - Using beta versions of macOS; macOS 10.14 and above - Sophos Installer would like to access your calendar / contacts. To install Sophos Anti-Virus so that it is managed by Enterprise Console, see the startup guides on the Enterprise Console page. Document Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X standalone startup guide.

User-friendly and reliable anti-malware application that helps you protect your Mac from a wide variety of threats such as viruses, spyware and other types of malware

What's new in Sophos Home 10.0.2:

  • Fixes / Improvements:
  • Fixed an issue with Web Protection not being enabled for macOS 11 users.
  • Note: Users will be required to Allow the new web component when prompted.
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Sophos Home (formerly Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition) is a free for private and non-commercial use and unobtrusive macOS application that provides advanced protection against a wide variety of Mac, as well as Window threats in order to prevent the spread of malware.

Stay safe and prevent the infection with worms, Trojans and other threats

Thanks to Sophos Home, you can also securely browse the web as it automatically scans the website for malicious codes. In addition, Sophos Home stops web-based malware and protects you against Internet threats.

The Live Antivirus function ensures a direct line to SophosLabs in order to provide the latest threat intelligence and stop all threats in time. Once a threat is detected, Sophos Home allows you to quarantine questionable files and for further analysis or immediately remove them from your computer.

Take care of your daily tasks and let Sophos Home in charge of your protection

Sophos Home quietly runs in the background and can be easily summoned via its status bar menu. From here, you can update its virus database, scan your Mac and open the Preferences or the Quarantine Manager.

Additionally, Sophos Home features a minimalist interface that helps you scan your entire system or only certain drives / folders. Hence, you can create custom scans that can be run manually or automatically by Sophos Home at the desired time and day.

As expected, you can include or exclude items from the scan process, schedule your scan at the desired time and day of the week and tell Sophos Home what to do with the detected threat.

Schedule multiple scans and stay updated with the latest virus databases

By accessing the Preferences window, you can enable or disable the On-access scanner, change the update frequency and set the path for the log file. You can also setup a notification system that displays alerts when a threat is detected.

Sophos Av Mac

Moreover, you can enable or disable the Live Protection and Web Protection feature if you want to receive the latest updates and block the access to malicious websites and downloads.

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Sophos Home was reviewed by George Popescu
  • You can protect up to 3 devices with the Free edition
  • Premium-only features:
  • Mac Ransomware Security
  • Privacy Protection
  • Premium Support
  • Protect up to 10 devices
  • 64-bit processor
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Sophos Home 10.0.2

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Expert’s Rating


Sophos Antivirus Mac Catalina

  • Detection of ransomware in progress
  • Low price per computer
  • Cloud-based remote configuration


  • Bug in current version that requires repetitive log in to view activity history
Sophos antivirus mac big sur

Our Verdict

Sophos Home Premium has the most extensive and up-to-date approach to fighting malware at an unbeatable price.

Sophos released its latest version of what it simply calls Sophos Home (free) and Sophos Home Premium (paid) just before we began testing, and as such it may have a leg up on competitors that have revisions in progress. As it stands, the set of features, cloud-based configuration, and price make it the outstanding entrant in the field.

On its anti-virus performance, it’s not perfect, but it’s close. AV-TEST found it detected 98.4 percent of macOS malware, over 95 percent of macOS PUA, and over 99 percent of Windows malware. Those scores could be marginally better, but these databases are constantly being updated. During our real-world tests, it knocked out macOS malware as soon as it was unzipped from an encrypted archive. It also prevented us from loading web pages with malicious software via the WICAR test site.

Note: This review is part of our best antivirus roundup. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.

Sophos doesn’t have a full standalone app to manage its operation. Rather, you use the cloud-based Web app in a browser to handle configuration, operation, and remote management of other systems. Sophos appears in macOS as just a system menu item with a few options, such as the ability to perform a manual scan. Because the software protects a system in real time, the scan function is needed only if protection is otherwise paused.

The cloud-based approach allows Sophos to push updates to its interface without requiring a user download, and it has the most robust remote management of any of the software packages we tested. Only Sophos seems to put all controls in the cloud, while other AV software that offer Web-based controls have just a subset, such as initiating a remote scan.

Sophos markets this as a way to help family members, especially ones not at the same address. That’s apparent both from the licensing, with a $50 a year fee covering up to 10 computers (Mac and PC), and from how the license owner can send a link for another person to install and join the family group without additional steps for setup. Then the administrator can configure and run scans remotely.

As one of only two companies offering ransomware-specific file monitoring, Sophos rises to the top with a proviso: We were unable to independently test the feature separately, although we had it demonstrated for us by the company and examined said demo in-depth. (More on that in a moment.) That’s because Apple’s silent XProtect feature has definitions for all known ransomware, blocking it from running. XProtect uses virus signatures, so cannot protect against new ransomware malware or variants, but will block anything already discovered.

The demo Sophos showed us used an in-house ransomware test package developed by its research side. We examined script on our own, and it’s straightforward—we didn’t find any weird gotchas or wired demos in it. As the demonstration virus infected files, the originals were retained and not deleted, and by the time three files had been hit, Sophos Home Premium halted the attack and alerted the user. It’s possible to have legitimate software that encrypts or modifies a set of files, and thus the software provides an alert and won’t allow the putative file to delete documents.

Sophos Home also includes outbound network blocking to known malicious servers, malicious website blocking, web filtering for parental control, and alerts for mic and webcam usage. Sophos handles the web and network stuff via its kernel extension, which examines all traffic and allows central management of options.

Sophos For Mac Review

The bottom line

Sophos Home Premium is the best in show, providing effective malware protection, PUA protection, ransomware monitoring, and additional features that often require separately licensed software. Its cloud-based configuration and generous licensing makes it possible to protect a household and an extended family, giving it an edge over its nearest competition.

MacOS 11 Big Sur (previously Known As 10.16) - Sophos

If you’re considering Sophos’ free version, it’s quite good but lacks enough of the Premium version’s features that we recommend the free version of Avast Security instead.

Sophos Antivirus Mac Removal Tool

Version tested: 2.0.2

Sophos Anti-Virus For Mac: Secure Kernel Extension Loading ...

Editor’s note: Updated 4/20/2018 to clarify how we evaluated the performance of Sophos’s ransomeware detection.