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Sophos Endpoint Protection

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Sophos Atp Logs

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions Sophos Firewall What to do. Sign in to the CLI using Telnet or SSH. The CLI can also be accessed in the WebAdmin by going to Admin Console located in the upper right corner. Choose option 4. Execute the following command: set ips acatp exception fwrules 1,2. Advanced threat protection Advanced threat protection analyzes incoming and outgoing network traffic for threats. Using ATP, you can quickly detect compromised clients in your network and log or drop the traffic from those devices.

  1. Sophos Outlook add-in enables users to report suspected phishing and spam messages with one click right from within Outlook. Sending domains and IPs Here you can see the domains and IP addresses that Phish Threat uses to send campaign emails.
  2. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) can help rapidly detect infected or compromised clients inside the network and raise an alert or drop the traffic from those clients. This article explains how to configure ATP. The following sections are covered: What to do; Related information; Applies to the following Sophos products and versions Sophos Firewall.

Protection for all endpoint devices, on premise or in the cloud, through one management console.

Sophos Atp Source Blocked


Companies looking for strong threat protection with a granular management controls.

What is Sophos Endpoint Protection?

Sophos Interpt X is platform for detecting and stopping threats Endpoint Threats. It has a focus on delivering a simple and secure platform. It offers one accessible management console for IT departments to manage all IT devices, and the client can either run in the cloud or as an on-premise solution. It promises to automate the process of identifying threats, isolating them to stop them spreading and removing them from devices. It uses deep learning systems to look for the common signs of attack rather than relying on signatures, which they argue makes it more proficient at spotting zero-day attacks. The Sophos EPP Platform anti-virus is based on the Intercept X platform Sophos acquired in 2017. This specializes in deep machine learning algorithms to hanti-malware, HIPS and malicious traffic detection and help protect endpoints against threats.

Profile: Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sophos Atp Origin Afcd

CategoryEndpoint Protection
HeadquarteredUSA, UK
DeploymentCloud, On-Premise
Suitable ForSMBs and Enterprise
Sophos Atp
Sophos Endpoint Protection Features
  • Strong threat protection against ransomware and credential theft with machine learning algorithms powering automated defence
  • Cloud based administration console manages all endpoints, but also with other Sophos platforms including secure web and email gateways
  • Protection against malware, and malicious web traffic
  • A range of policies are available within the admin console, including web filtering, application controls and device controls including peripheral control
  • Performance is strong, with update downloads typically under 30KB to minimize disruption and keep storage costs low
  • Flexible product purchasing so that customers can choose cloud based management with reporting, and upgrade to the Intercept Endpoint Protection if they want
Expert Insight

Sophos has a strong focus on given admins granular controls and policies to stop threats from reaching devises. The management component is a key feature of their EPP platform, with management able to filter web content, set device controls, decide what apps can be downloaded and even decide what peripherals devices can use. This can all greatly increase the overall security of an organisation, especially if a large number of employees work remotely. Alongside these threat protection controls, the detection and response is powerful. Based on Intercept X, a machine learning powered threat detection system acquired by Sophos in 2017, this platform is adept at isolating and removing advanced Endpoint threats.

The management console is clean and accessible with customers suggesting that it’s easy to configure and manage and works well. It’s cloud based and so can be accessed from anywhere, with a full range of reports and controls. It also works as one management console with all of the other Sophos security products including Secure Email Gateways and Web Filtering. This makes it an easy option to recommend for existing Sophos customers. For other customers looking for Endpoint Protection with a range of strong management controls and threat protection, this is a good option for you to consider.

Sophos Atp

Sophos Atp Free

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