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The SolarWinds Academy offers education resources to learn more about your product. The curriculum provides a comprehensive understanding of our portfolio of products through virtual classrooms, eLearning videos, and professional certification. 10 Things To Know About The SolarWinds Breach And Its U.S. Government Impact. From how nation-state hackers evaded detection to why federal agencies were ordered to immediately power down Orion to.

SolarWinds Under Siege

SolarWinds disclosed Sunday that it experienced a highly sophisticated, manual supply chain attack on versions of its Orion network monitoring product released between March and June of this year. The company said it’s been told the attack was likely conducted by an outside nation state and intended to be a narrow, extremely targeted, and manually executed attack, though no specific country was named.

Dear All, I want to manage my configurations on a Sophos XG Firewall using NCM. I have looked for existing Device templates, but neither Solarwinds nor here in the Thwack community I was able to find one. So I'm trying to create my own and run into the following issues: 1) When I telnet to the Sop. SolarWinds’ investigation into the recent attacks that leveraged its products to target government and private sector organizations revealed that 18,000 customers may have used the compromised products, the company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday. Solarwinds MSP: Type: System tool. Try Sophos products for free Download now Download Sophos Home. Free business-grade security for the home. Endpoint Protection.

A FireEye blog post states that hackers gained access to numerous public and private organizations through trojanized updates to SolarWinds’ Orion software, but didn’t disclose the identity of any of the victims. Media reports have attributed attacks on the U.S. Treasury and Commerce Departments as well as FireEye to a vulnerability in the Orion products, but SolarWinds said Monday it’s still investigating.

Sophos Solarwinds Breach


Solarwinds Sophos

Sophos solarwinds orion

Solarwinds Sophisticated Attack

The colossal SolarWinds breach is sending shockwaves through Capitol Hill and Fortune 500 corner offices alike given the high-profile nature of the reported victims and the presumed involvement of Russian intelligence services. From how the hackers evaded detection to why federal agencies must power down Orion to its impact on the SolarWinds MSP business, here are the big things to know about the SolarWinds hack.