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Sky Mobile's service is based on O2's network. So in turn offers 98.97% UK coverage, whether you're on a pay monthly phone contract or a pay as you go deal. Jun 19, 2020 Hi there, when I set up my sky mobile contract, I was told that I could use my SkyGo app without using any of my data. My household is currently undergoing work and electric will be off for most of the weekend, so I can't use my WiFi. As a result, I'll be using my phone to watch SkyGo. Sky also offers contracts on handsets, through a system it calls Sky Mobile Swap.It's a split contract like O2 Refresh - your monthly bill is split up into the cost of the handset, and the cost of your monthly tariff. The main attraction of Swap, though, is that you can trade in your phone and upgrade to a new one early. The two available contracts are.


Sky Mobile Sky Golf


Sky Go Extra lets you register 6 devices and swap in a new device at any time. With Sky Go Extra, you can stream on two devices at the same time or four if you have a Sky Q Experience or a Sky+ multiscreen subscription. 2 downloads per programme. Viewing limits apply. Your Sky Mobile device needs to be one of your Sky Go registered devices. Sky Go Extra - as a Sky Mobile and Sky TV customer, the Sky Go Extra app is a handy way of integrating Sky services and means you can stream content to your phone while out and about. Verdict: Sky Mobile is a more attractive provider if you’re already a TV and broadband customer, but there’s still not much here in the way of streaming.

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Sky Go is an app that offers complete access to the online television service from the telecommunications company with the same name.
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Sky Go Nz

Accessing the content from Sky TV on your mobile device is really easy, and all you need to have is a subscription to their services. Once you have that, then you can always install the Sky Go app and get the same content as found on the TV. Users who choose to install the application will get access to more than 1000 movies, hundreds of entertainment programs, up to 72 live TV channels, Sky Sports channels including Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports 5 and British Eurosport, Sky Atlantic, Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Arts 1 and Sky News, and a tons of other ones. Depending on your subscription, you might also be able to download the multimedia content so that you can watch it online.


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  • Watch anything you want from Sky TV
  • Download movies and TV videos for offline viewing
  • Get access to more than 1000 movies

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Can You Watch Sky Go For Free On Sky Mobile

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  • Sky Go 21.1.12021-01-21
  • Sky Go 20.7.12020-10-28
  • Sky Go 20.6.12020-09-24
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  • Sky Go 20.4.12020-07-10
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  • Sky Go 12.4.142019-11-25
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  • Sky Go PR17.3.7-11002019-05-16
  • Sky Go PR17.3.6.1-11002019-03-11
  • Sky Go PR17.3.3-11002019-01-21
  • Sky Go PR17.3.0-11002018-12-03
  • Sky Go PR16.3.1.1-10002018-10-31
  • Sky Go PR15.3.3-8002018-10-04
  • Sky Go 6.0.92017-04-19
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