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The sky's the limit. While the PlayStation 4 may be a much more capable gaming console than the PlayStation 3, it’s yet to really catch up to its predecessor in the media department.Fortunately.

As if the array of TV goodies Sky has on offer wasn’t enough, it’s now also possible to watch TV on the move with Sky Go.

For more gaming news, reviews & tech- Follow us on Facebook!Royalty Free Music - Then go to Roaming and delete the Sky and Sky Go folders. Download the Sky Go app from the official Sky website. Then open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app. B) If you’re on Mac. On your desktop, click Go and click Applications. Remove the Sky Go app. Go back to your desktop, then click Go and click. Seemed to benefit from Sky Go Extra now being available as a Sky VIP reward, so was able to add a new phone, that's 3 devices with that, but wanted to add my PS4 using the TV from Sky app on it and couldn't. Thought that would be OK as it would be a 4th device, 1st and 2nd are another phone and tablet.

With a Sky Go subscription, all you need is a broadband or Wi-Fi internet connection.

You can watch live and on-demand shows via mobile, Mac, Windows PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 3 or 4.

However, as with most technology, the service can come with its hitches.

So, here’s how to stop Sky Go buffering…

How to stop Sky Go buffering – Check your data

If your Sky Go experience is being ruined by constant buffering there are a few reasons as to why this could be.


Firstly, check that data monitoring is turned off.

You don’t want the app to be working hard on things it doesn’t need to. By switching off data monitoring the app should work more efficiently.

What about your internet connection?

It may sound obvious but it’s always good to check your internet connection.

Sky Go On Ps4 Cost

Specifically, it’s a good idea to check your internet speed which you can do by typing into Google ‘what is my internet speed?’. If your internet speed is lower than expected then it’s best to contact your internet provider and query this.

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How many people are using Sky Go?

Sky Go On Ps4 Jumpy

Getting set up with Sky Go and sharing out your subscription can be tempting but it turns out that it’s best to keep your login details to yourself.

If you are using multiple devices this can seriously affect your streaming speed.

If your subscription is for one connection then only use one device. Never overload the service by using more devices that you’ve signed up for as this is sure to increase buffering.

Sky Go Extra On Ps4

Have a spring clean

Another point to consider is whether you’ve checked up on your devices lately.

Device maintenance is important and by this, we mean resetting your router or modems regularly and clearing your cache to free up any space you can.

Lastly, you can also change your device’s DNS servers to reset your connection for a more seamless viewing experience.

Sky Go On Ps4

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Sky Go On Ps4 Keeps Buffering

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