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Star and Galaxy Projectors – Reviews and Buying Guide

Shop for led starry sky projector online at Target. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Open the Sky Go app on your laptop Find what you want to watch and go fullscreen Attach the HDMI cable to your laptop Plug the other end into a free HDMI port on the back of the TV.

To make Sky Go work with a smart TV via an HDMI cable, you have to screen mirror your laptop. First, you’ll need to: Connect your computer to the television using an HDMI cable. When connected, your computer will detect the new display as a second monitor.

Though you might remember falling asleep to glow in the dark stickers of planets and stars on your ceiling, you now have a much easier way to view those constellations thanks to star and galaxy projectors. It’s not just constellations either, some will project nebulae other features too. These constellation projectors are easy to use because they work with any nearby power outlet. You simply plug one in and climb into bed as the stars and planets move across the room around you. These small devices can also replace the night light that your child uses. To find the best star projector, you can view the following product reviews and descriptions and then check out the frequently asked questions section to learn more.

Our New #1 Best Choice Star Projector

Encalife Atmosphere Star Light Galaxy Projector – Alexa / Google Assistant App Controlled Projector


This is by far the best star projector we have ever reviewed! What makes it better than the rest?

Controllable with a Smart App – Voice control through WiFi / Bluetooth for a fun bedtime story.

The game changer with this star projector is the Alexa and Google Assistant integration controls. It enables you to get creative with your bedtime stories. The Encalife Star Projector is voice command-activated for a handsfree experience. It means you can prompt Alexa to turn on the galaxy light as you tell amazing and spellbinding stories of deep space adventures to your children.

The quality of the star projection is exceptionally good. It’s like a portable planetarium that you can take on your travels. No matter where you are, the projector can make you feel like you’re drifting calmly into space at night.

Ideal for the bedroom, living room use or in your home theater. Enjoy having dinner under the stars or create a soothing spa environment. It’s also great to use when doing yoga or meditating. I know plenty of users that have the Encalife Atmosphere as a backdrop to their games room or for their DJ lighting effects. The Encalife Atmosphere is an instant game changer for any room in the house.

There’s multiple light effects of nebula backgrounds to choose from with around 16.7m colors which include green, red and blue star systems and multiple brightness settings.

An Excellent Sleeping Aid for both Adults & Children

One of the major benefits of this model is the ability to help calm your mind and drift away to a deep sleep. The soothing and relaxing galaxy light calms the senses, and helps to properly wind down from a hard day at work or school.

Note: Normally we recommend buying from Amazon, but since the price is the same and there is even a multi buy discount at the checkout, it is far better to buy this product directly from Enclalife.


Our Best Star Projector Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick reference chart of what we think are the best star and galaxy projectors on the market today.

#1 - STAR CHOICEEncalife Star & Nebular Projector - Voice Enabled with Alexa & Google Assistant- Bluetooth
- Alexa and Google enabled.
- Built in speaker
- Play music from smartphone
- 16.7m different colors
- Great for adults & kids.
- Comes app remote control
#2 - STAR CHOICE- Bluetooth
- Built in speaker
- Play music from smartphone
- 4 different color modes
- Great for adults & kids.
- Comes with remote control
#3Sega Homestar Original Black Planetarium and Star Projector- 3 automatic timers
- Shooting stars setting
- Works on any white surface.
- Projects up to 90ft away.
#4Sega Homestar Classic- several constellation & star discs
- compact size
- vivid star projection
#5YSD Modern Star Rotating Sky Projector- Comes with remote
- Built in battery and charging cord
- Indoor and outdoor use.
#6SOAIY Soothing Aurora Night Light Projector- Built in speaker
- 3 brightness settings
- Still and rotating display settings
#7Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector for Children- Included 20 star discs
- Sky and space modes
- Battery powered
#8Elmchee Star Night Light for Kids- start projector and night lamp.
- 6 different lighting effects
#9Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector Science Kit- High quality projections
- Easy to use
#10BlissLights Sky Lite - Laser Projector w/LED Nebula Cloud- 3 Button controls to select different modes
- Patented blue Nebula effect
- 6-Hour Timer

In more detail.. Best Star Projector Reviews

Ambience Galaxy Projector – Starry Space Nebula Clouds, Laser Night Sky for Adults & Kids – Bluetooth Speaker

Sky go ipad projector

Second on the list is the Encalife Ambience Star Projector. This mini home constellation projector is compact yet packs a punch when it comes to visually projecting amazing galaxies, nebula and stars across your room. It also comes with a Bluetooth music speaker, to add another dimension to your star light projector environment.

You can choose and combine 4 different colors – red, white, blue, and green and makes for an amazing tool to help you relax or send your kids off to a calming goodnights sleep.

The projector is easy to use and you can set the stars in static or in motion.

As just mentioned, this star projector is ideal for both adults and children. Use it as a calming and relaxation aid for those days where you’ve been stressed out and under pressure. Or for children who find it hard to settle at bed time and need a little bit of help. Adjust the speed freely according to your child’s preference.

Another great feature is the ability to connect your smartphone via bluetooth. Listen to soothing music before bed, lullabies for the kids – connect this Bluetooth speaker with your phone, laptop, or any device.

It comes with a really handy remote control that allows you to adjust settings from anywhere in the room, saving you having to get up out of your relaxation position.

Sleep timer lets you shut it off anytime you want so you don’t have to worry about switching it off yourself. A perfect gift for space lover, gadget geek or to set a romantic scene for Valentines Day! Multi buy discount at checkout when you go direct to Encalife.


Sega Homestar Original Black Planetarium and Star Projector – Ideal For Home Theaters and Game Rooms

One of the easiest to use star and galaxy projectors comes from Sega, the same company that made video game consoles in the past. The front of the projector features both a convenient on/off switch and an automatic timer mode that lets you choose between a 15, 30 or 60 minute timer. This instantly starts a countdown that tells the projector when to shut down. You can use the other two buttons to choose different projection modes that determine how the stars will move and to add shooting stars to the display. Sega includes two discs and lets you purchase more than 30 discs to use with this projector too.


  • Features three automatic timer settings
  • Works with the included discs and optional discs
  • Has a shooting stars setting
  • Works on any white surface
  • Projects images up to 90 feet away


  • The display may not look as realistic as you hoped
  • Does not work well in small rooms


Sega Homestar Classic – Best Seller on Amazon

Another star and galaxy projector that is worthwhile is the Homestar Classic from Sega. It has a fun case in a shade of metallic blue that might remind you of the night’s sky. You can set the timer to run for 15, 30 or 60 minutes and add a shooting star effect to the display. The Homestar Classic comes with a small stand that supports the projector and doesn’t require a lot of counter or table space. Included with this cosmos star projector are several discs that let you select the display and images that you want to view. It’s compatible with other discs that are available from Sega too.


  • Compact size reduces its overall footprint
  • Includes constellation and galaxy discs
  • Features 15, 30 and 60 minute timers
  • Compact base keeps the projector in place
  • Recreates the planetarium look in your home


  • Is not as bright as other projectors are
  • Image quality is a little lacking


YSD Modern Star Rotating Sky Projector

Perfect for kids’ bedrooms, this YSD projector has a fun design that incorporates bright colors across the surface. It comes with a remote control that lets you set the timer, turn the projector light on and off and change its rotation. That remote also lets you turn on a warm light function when using the projector as a night light. This is one of the only galaxy projectors that you can use outside, which makes it a good choice for camping. It has auto-shut off timer settings of up to five hours and a built-in battery that lasts for up to 14 hours. You can choose from several color options, all of which work with an included USB cord for charging.


  • One to five hour timer auto-shut off settings
  • Comes with an included remote control
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Has an LED display on the front
  • Includes built-in battery and a battery charging cord


  • Not suitable for small children because of its small parts
  • Images and displays can look fuzzy


SOAIY Soothing Aurora Night Light Projector

When you can’t go to the aurora borealis, you can bring the aurora borealis to you with this SOAIY night light projector. It recreates the gorgeous looks of the northern lights and places those lights in your home. If you want to switch to a different setting, you can choose from seven different light displays. The projection lamp can run all night, but it also has one, two and four hour timers that you can use. It also lets you choose between a still or a rotating image and from three different brightness settings. Thanks to the built-in speaker, you can plug in a phone or music player and listen to music as you relax to the moving lights.


  • Includes three timer settings: one, two and four hours
  • Comes with a handy remote control
  • Has three brightness and eight different color displays to choose from
  • A built-in speaker is compatible with most electronic devices
  • Includes both still and rotating display settings


  • Some features may stop working after a few months
  • The displays aren’t as bright as shown on the box


Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector for Children

One of the best planetariums for kids is this model from Discovery Kids, which looks just like a NASA shuttle about to launch. A large button on the front makes it easy for them to choose between space and sky displays to see what they want to see. The three included discs have more than 20 images that foster the imagination of kids, and it rotates in a 360-degree direction to keep them from growing bored. An automatic setting keeps those slides rotating as your child drifts off to sleep. This also serves as a STEM toy that will get kids thinking and make them want to learn about the stars and planets.


  • Kids can easily use the large button to change between modes
  • Looks like a realistic NASA shuttle
  • Runs on ordinary AA batteries
  • Includes more than 20 images on two discs
  • Features sky and space modes


  • Does not work with any discs other than those included
  • Some parts are very small


Elmchee Star Night Light for Kids

Suitable for use as a night light and a projector, this model comes with a shade that easily slips on and off. Kids can use it without the shade when they need a night light lamp and add the shade to view all the stars and planets in the sky. It has three films that you can use with the shade to see more stars or a full universe. Another film wishes a special someone a happy birthday. This projector will run off AA batteries or a USB cable and offers six lighting choices. You only need to press a button on the base twice to move to a new lighting effect. The projector offers both still and rotating displays too.


  • Includes rotating and still display options
  • Runs on USB power or AA batteries
  • Works as both a projector and a night lamp
  • Simple operation and design makes it suitable for kids
  • Great choice for your child’s room
  • Features six different lighting effects and settings


  • Requires the use of a USB cord and adapter if you don’t want to use batteries
  • Does not include a timer function


Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector Science Kit

Kids who love watching the Smithsonian Channel will love this science kit from the same company, which lets them view stars and constellations in their bedrooms. It comes with slides that use high-definition images and lets kids choose the type of skies they want to view. They can combine those images together to create more than 50 displays that include stars, planets and even astronauts. Designed for those over the age of eight, this home planetarium star projector helps kids study the planets and learn about space. This makes it one of the few projectors that serve as a STEM toy. It also features a timer setting that shuts the projector off after 15 to 30 minutes.


  • Includes dozens of slides that create more than 50 combinations
  • Uses high-definition images
  • Has 15 and 30 minute timer settings
  • High-Quality and easy to use
  • Suitable for children as young as eight


  • Some images are more blurry than others
  • Includes some cheap parts


BlissLights Sky Lite – Laser Projector w/LED Light Nebula Cloud

The BlissLights Sky Lite with Nebula Cloud, can bring a relaxing ambiance to any room. It is particularly popular for bedrooms and living rooms, where you can kick back and enjoy the starry night sky in comfort. The patented blue Nebula cloud effect adds an extra level of aesthetic to the night sky star field, which is projected as green stars.

The simple design houses a user friendly 3 button control panel. With these buttons you can cycle through three different settings, (stars only, nebula only or a combination of both) you can adjust the brightness and you can turn the rotation on or off. Just select your favorite setting and kick back to enjoy the light show!

The BlissLights Sky Lite comes with a 3 foot long 120v adapter for AC power, and a timer that can be set up to 6 hours. It’s advisable to stick to using the projector within this time range to maintain the life of the product. It uses real laser diodes to provide the laser stars and lighting. These can get a bit hot with use over long periods of time.

Key Features:

  • Simple to use laser light star projector
  • 3 Button controls to select different modes
  • Patented blue Nebula effect
  • AC Power Only
  • LED lighting
  • 6-Hour Timer


Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Stars Projector

We finish off our Best Star Projectors list with the Laser Twilight Stars Projector. Similar to the Sky lite product above, this star projector utilises green and blue light. The star patterns are projected in green laser light, and the blue hologram projector provides ambiance and a relaxing background. You can cycle through different levels of the blue ‘cloud’ effect, so that it is barely visible, vibrant or anywhere inbetween.

Key Features:

  • AC Power Only (adapter chord included)
  • Class II Laser, 10 Watt power output
  • 4-Hour Timer Auto – Shut off
  • Occasional Shooting Star effect
  • Green laser star light & blue hologram projector


Star and Galaxy Projector Buying Guide

The chances are good that you used some type of projector in the past. This type of technology allows you to host movie nights in your backyard and create work presentations that all employees and clients can easily see. No matter how much experience you have, you may have a hard time finding the right star and galaxy projector for you or your children though because these models are so different from those you used in the past. You can pick the right star light projector when you use this buying guide to learn what you should consider.



One feature you should consider before buying a projector is its overall size. This is especially true of the one you want to use in a child’s bedroom. Some of the models designed for adults are small in size and feature small pieces that kids can easily pull off and put in their mouths. You should also think about the size of the buttons too. Kids often have an easier time with larger buttons, while adults can use smaller buttons.

Battery Power

Most star and galaxy projectors use an AC adapter and plug into a wall outlet. You can also choose models that come with a rechargeable battery and/or a USB cord. With a USB cord, you can buy a new adapter or use one that you have for an old cell phone. Most USB cords are quite short though. You’ll either need to use the projector close to an outlet or spend money on an expensive and long cord.

When shopping for a model that comes with a rechargeable battery, you’ll want to see how long it will last. A good light projector should run for up to 10 hours. This allows you to sleep through the night without the battery running out. Some batteries can last for 12 to 14 hours between charges, which lets you use the projector several nights in a row without charging it every day.

Timer Settings

Do you like the idea of using a star projector as you fall asleep but hate the idea of wasting power as you sleep? Most light projectors come with a timer setting that lets you set the timer for a specific amount of time. This can range from 15 minutes to several hours. As soon as it reaches that time limit, the projector will shut down. Some of the models suitable for parties and outdoor use have a timer of five hours or more, which help you can keep the party going all night long.

Lighting Modes and Options

When you’re relaxing and listening to music, you want a mild lighting effect that won’t disrupt your senses. This type of effect is also suitable for use as you sleep or head to bed. A brighter lighting effect can turn your home into a planetarium or the ultimate party pad. The odds are good that you’ll want to change between lighting and brightness modes based on how you want to use the projector. It’s important that you pick one that features more than one mode.


One of the best ways to make sure that you choose the right projector is with a look at some reviews posted by customers who bought those same products. Some of the things you should consider when looking at reviews include:

  • the star rating awarded
  • who purchased the projector and who they bought it for
  • whether the buyer purchased other products
  • any details regarding battery life and other important features

It’s important that you consider both the overall rating and the number of positive and negative reviews. This lets you see whether the projector lasted beyond a few months and if it can meet all your needs.

Still vs. Rotating Displays

You’ll likely come across the terms still display and rotating display when shopping for a night projector. Both terms refer to whether the images move or remain still. A projector with a rotating display will move the images across the room and bounce them across the ceiling and walls. Those that have a still image project the display in one specific area, which can include one wall or the ceiling. You may find it helpful to look for one that includes both modes.

Display Type

Shoppers should also consider the display type because projectors can either feature realistic or whimsical images. Those with realistic images will include all eight planets and may include Pluto as well. You’ll also see constellations and star groups that are exactly the same as those you see in the sky. Those projectors let you recreate the feel of being in a planetarium in any room of your home. Those with whimsical or stylized images are better suited for kids. They may include aliens flying through the sky in spaceships and astronauts interacting with the stars. While these models are fun, they are generally better for kids than they are for adults.

Remote Control

You can only use projectors when you have enough space in the room, which may require placing it in the center of the room rather than next to your bed. If you select the wrong settings before laying down though, you’ll need to climb out of your comfortable cocoon to adjust the projector before bed. Those that come with a remote control give you the freedom to adjust settings while you’re in bed or sitting on the opposite side of the room. The only problem with these models is that you often need to use the remote control to access all the features and settings. If you lose the remote, you’ll need to purchase a new one or forgo some of those features.

Ease of Use

The last and most possibly important thing to consider is the overall ease of use of the galaxy projector. If you buy one that requires multiple steps to set up and use, you might leave that projector off every night. Some of the models now available require some setup and assembly on your part before you can use one. Unless you feel comfortable and confident in your assembly skills, you might prefer one that comes already put together and ready for use in your bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Star and Galaxy Projectors

Where Should You Place a Star and Galaxy Projector?

The best place to set and use a galaxy projector is in the center of your room. You should check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that you have enough space for it. Most require that you have at least five to six feet of clearance between the projector and the wall or ceiling, and some require even more space. If you do not have enough room, the images and displays will likely appear blurry or fuzzy. This occurs because there is not enough space for the full display.

Can You Use a Projector on Any Wall?

Though you can use a project on any wall, you should keep in mind that they work best when used on walls that are clear and light in color. Any busy patterns in the area can interfere with that display, including striped curtains or floral wallpaper. The best place to use star projectors is on white walls because they provide a clean background that lets the images really shine. If your walls are dark, you might find that you can’t see all the images and designs displayed. You can use a projection screen that you set up against one wall to take advantage of the projector.

Are Projectors for Kids and Adults the Same?

As there are so many different star projectors available, you may think that you can buy one that will work for both you and your children. The truth is that you need one designed for either adults or kids. Kids’ projectors are usually more stylized or whimsical in design. They might look like a spaceship or a space shuttle and use bright colors that can overwhelm your space. Those designed for adults include more realistic displays and features such as rechargeable batteries and built-in speakers. That speaker lets you listen to music from your phone as you fall asleep or play loud music when you host a party.

What are Some of the Benefits of Using a Star Projector?

The amount of sleep that you need can vary based on your body type and age. While kids may need 10 hours or more of sleep every night, adults may only need to six to eight hours. After a long vacation or a weekend of sleeping late though, you may have a hard time getting up and getting ready for work on your first day back. Star projectors are an easy way to help you get the sleep that you need.

Many people benefit from white noise, which refers to sounds in the background. This can include an AC or a fan that runs as you sleep or a stereo that plays softly at night. Star projectors that come with built-in speakers let you fall asleep faster and save on your energy bills. When the projector shuts off, it will also shut off the connected music player and keep it from using power.

Star and galaxy projectors also have some benefits for children. These simple devices serve as a night light for kids who are afraid of the dark. Your kids can get up and go to the bathroom or get a drink of water at night without turning on all of the lights in your home. Star projectors can also foster their creativity and get them interested in science. The right one will encourage them to come up with new stories about the planets and stars that they see. A projector may also get your child excited to learn about the planets and constellations.

How Can You Use a Projector?

Sky Go Won't Work On Projector

There is no limit to how you can use a star and galaxy projector. Though you might think that you need one to fall asleep at night, it has much more benefits beyond that. You can turn star projectors into the centerpiece of a quiet party at home as you project constellations and other images on the ceiling. Your guests will like relaxing and watching those displays. Some projectors are also suitable for outdoor use. You can set one up and have it create the ultimate light display as your guests dance and mingle.

What Features Should You Look for When Buying One for a Kid?

The most important thing to consider when buying a kids’ projector is the materials used in the design. You want to make sure that there aren’t any toxic chemicals because kids have a tendency to chew on things or put things in their mouths. It’s also helpful to look for the best star projectors that can produce noises or sounds that can help kids fall asleep. Some models do not include built-in sounds but are compatible with music players. This lets you create a playlist with songs suitable for your child.

Is it possible for a projector to play Netflix? How to use Netflix on a projector specifically? It’s pretty simple. Again, you can use the FireStick and Roku in order to turn your projector into a Netflix player. You can also link a phone or a laptop to the projector while they play Netflix in mirrored screens. Just make sure the linkage is allowed and not HDMI-CEC-protected.

Does Netflix work on projectors?

Yes. It works in several ways. Netflix was made to work originally on PC browsers, but when smartphones started becoming popular and more advanced, it became possible to watch Netflix on those too. HDTVs can also connect to laptops, smartphones, or devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick or the Roku media player to make it possible to stream video using your Internet Wi-Fi. Certain smart TVs can directly work with the Netflix app as well.

It’s the same with projectors. Just open Netflix, sign in with your account, and then pick the movie or documentary or TV show you want to watch on the app while the project projects it on the big screen. You can do things like linking your projector to an HDTV with Roku connected to it or connect Roku directly to your projector. It can also work with any other device you can Streamcast or mirror their interface unto the projector as well.

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How to watch Netflix on a projector?

In regards to how to watch Netflix on your projector, you can go about it in multiple ways.

  • Watching, Playing, or Using Netflix on a Projector: You can play Netflix on your non-smart or Wi-Fi-incapable projectors by linking them to media source devices that could play Netflix. Just mirror the screen of your smartphone (iPhone or Android) or laptop (using Chromecast or AnyCast) with your projector and then sign in to your Netflix account. When using AnyCast, make sure to use your home Wi-Fi instead of mobile data to play Netflix properly.

Even vintage LCD and DLP projectors that have VGA connections can be linked with a proper streaming device, be it a Roku media player, Amazon Fire TV Stick, an HDTV or smart TV, an iPhone, a Samsung Android phone, a MacBook, or a laptop/desktop PC. Just get the right converters for the media source to link with your VGA/AV projector, have separate audio cables and devices on standby, and voila. You’re good to go.

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  • Streaming Netflix on a Projector: Some projectors are so advanced they’re practically self-contained smart computers with the projector serving as their own monitor. What this means is that these projector models can come with the Netflix mobile app or you can download the app through the projector interface or operating system. For projectors that lack OS capabilities, you can connect streaming flash drives or media players on them as in the case of Roku and FireStick by Amazon.

Any projector with an HDMI port or even VGA/AV port (use a converter for those) can enjoy Netflix offerings as long as they can work with a streaming device such as Roku or FireStick. These devices can also play other streaming services like Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney+, CrunchyRoll, Hulu, and so forth. When all else fails, you can stream Netflix on your laptop or smartphone then mirror their screens on your projector.

Sky Go On Projector For Sale

  • What is the best projector to watch Netflix? The top movie projectors for home cinema usually have a Netflix feature included. This means that CINEMOOD, Epson Home Cinema LS 100, Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector, Optoma HD143X Projector, VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini Projector, ERISAN Projector, APEMAN Projector, and the like are either streaming-ready or capable of working with Roku sticks.

Incidentally, most people prefer mini DLP projectors for viewing Netflix instead of full-blown bulky LCD projectors you can only use indoors. This must be because most people associate Netflix with smartphones more than HDTVs. Mini projectors are also more mobile and can be used practically anywhere you can bring a screen with you (unless you want to project on a wall), which goes hand-in-hand with Netflix streaming’s own viewing versatility.

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Using Netflix on a Projector FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding using Netflix with your projector of choice. We’ve also included troubleshooting tips for good measure, just in case you’re having signal issues with viewing Netflix on your projector.

  • How do you play Netflix on your projector from an iPhone/iPad? Long story short, you need to connect your projector to your iPhone or iPad then Streamcast or mirror the screen while watching Netflix. Fair warning—AirPlay is no longer supported for Netflix use due to technical limits. To connect your mobile device to a projector, you can either use the Chromecast Built-In (formerly known as Google Cast) service unto your Chrome browser to make the connection.

Sign in on Netflix, select the Cast icon, and select your projector to broadcast the signal on. You can also connect using Netflix 2nd Screen by launching the Netflix app on both your projector and mobile device then select the Cast icon in order to choose the projector as your device for showing your Netflix movie on. Finally, you can use an external Lightning to HDMI/VGA converter cable to link your iPhone or iPad to your projector.

  • How do you play Netflix on your projector from an Android phone? Long story short, the methods of connecting an Android tablet or mobile phone to your projector is the same as with connecting your iPhone and iPad. However, this time, you’ll have to use a USB-C to HDMI/VGA converter cable instead of a Lightning cable in order to make things work. Chromecast should be available on your Android phone or tablet like with Apple products.

Otherwise, you can try out AnyCast instead, which works roughly the same way as Chromecast. For the Netflix 2nd Screen option, follow the same instructions of opening Netflix on both your phone/tablet and your projector unless your projector is a primitive one that can’t download its own apps. If that’s the case, then getting a USB-C to HDMI/VGA converter or adapter cable is the way to go.

  • How do you watch Netflix on your projector from a Windows/PC/Laptop device? In order to watch Netflix through your PC or laptop, you need to connect the computer to the display device the same way you’d connect it to a monitor or HDTV. In order words, you need to either link it to the projector using VGA or HDMI cables depending on the ports available. If it’s a VGA computer to an HDMI projector, then you need a VGA to HDMI converter or adapter cable.

If it’s vice-versa, get an HDMI to VGA converter or even an HDMI splitter that splits the signal to separate VGA and audio cable ports. You can choose the projector on the display settings as your display device of choice. You can now stream your Netflix freely from your computer since the projector is now merely acting as its monitor with no further (hopefully) HDMI CEC issues as long as your cables and adapters are recognized as valid. Otherwise, you can use Chromecast to Streamcast Netflix directly to your projector.

  • How do you watch Netflix on your projector from a Mac/MacBook? It’s the same deal as with the Windows PC or laptop device. You either directly connect VGA to VGA or HDMI to HDMI. You can also convert a VGA computer to run on an HDMI projector or vice-versa using an appropriate converter. As noted above, AirPlay is no longer supported by Netflix. Once upon a time, Netflix can be streamed to an Apple TV using your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone, which you can then daisy-chain to your projector.

In essence, to make Netflix work, you simply need to open your Chrome browser and do a Chromecast on your Mac or MacBook to mirror the screen. Otherwise, you can instead try out Netflix 2nd Screen, but it requires you to have a projector that acts like a computer or mobile phone itself, complete with OS and the ability to open the Netflix app. You might also need to configure the projector and/or the computer to recognize each other by cable link or by wireless transceiver/receiver.

  • How do you play Netflix on a mini projector? It depends. A DLP mini projector (usually a pico or pocket projector that ranges from the size of a game console to the size of a smartphone) should work the same way as any other projector out there, with the only real differences are the smaller cables (USB-C to allow for use with the iPhone) and the shorter throw distance.

Yes, mini projectors are more likely than not short-throw projectors as well as DLP projectors. It’s all due to their smallness—it’s more practical to reduce their throw distance to almost in front of the screen than to make them long-throw in light of their size. Regardless, the main appeal of using a mini projector for your Netflix viewing is the ability to make any nearby wall or flat surface into a screen, such that you can watch Netflix on the go or when camping.

  • What is the best mini projector to watch Netflix with? We’ve covered this before. We believe that the CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater is the best in its class when it comes to watching Netflix on the go or even in a home cinema setting. The thing that makes CINEMOOD stand out from its fellow mini projectors or even standard projectors is it’s seemingly developed to smoothly run Netflix through all the various means outlined in this article.

It has Wi-Fi capabilities and it’s Netflix-ready. It easily recognizes Roku or FireStick devices. It can also run Netflix through any smartphone or tablet made by Apple, Samsung, and so forth. It can stream Netflix movies through any iOS, Android, or Windows device. You can use Chromecast to broadcast Netflix on it to boot. Netflix is accessible to CINEMOOD in various ways.

  • What is the best portable projector for Netflix? The best portable projector is also the CINEMOOD since the mini projector is also defined by its portability. However, if you value portability above everything else, there are smaller pico or pocket projectors you can acquire. If you want an alternative to CINEMOOD, you can go with VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini Projector instead. It’s an under $1,000 projector with the ability to connect to Bluetooth external speakers.

If you want a portable DLP projector instead, the PIQO Projector is a nice, pocket-sized HD projector capable of 1080p resolution images and works with 200 lumens. If you instead wish for more bang for your buck while maintaining portability, then you won’t go wrong with an affordable 480p APEMAN projector or the HD Erisan projector that has an Android operating system that allows the download of the Netflix app into its hard drive.

  • Which projector comes with a built-in Netflix app? A smart projector doesn’t require wireless dongles, smartphone or laptop connections, or Fire TV Sticks though. A good example of such a projector is the JMGO N7L 700ANSI 1080p Portable Smart Projector. Like a smartphone, it can download the Netflix app and run it through its operating system so that you can watch “The Last Dance” documentary about Michael Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls or learn more about “Tiger King” and Joe Exotic.

When we say “smart”, we mean a device that’s practically a computer. A smartphone like the iPhone or any Android device can do more than just make phone calls using a portable device. They can communicate with other devices or use Wi-Fi to make Internet connections as well as run applications. It’s the same with the smart TV, which is what most modern HDTVs are. They can also run programs like your laptop or desktop. A smart projector belongs to that class of device.

  • Netflix won’t play on the projector from MacBook: If you’re getting a black screen instead of a video signal on Netflix when connecting your MacBook or Mac computer to a projector using a VGA cable, then your cable might have a problem. Check the connection to see if the connector is loose or if the cable itself is frayed.

If it’s an HDMI connection, open Opera, Firefox, or Chrome to access Netflix while projecting. Connect the projector Then start Netflix. Use your projector as a screen mirror and see if that allows you to access Netflix. If the problem persists, it might be your HDMI cable or HDMI to A/V converter that’s giving you issues instead (like if it’s a poorly made or damaged unit).

  • Netflix won’t play on the projector from iPhone/iPad: So your projector display is a black screen when connected to your iPhone or iPad. How do you go about fixing this? This might be a connection issue once more. Are you accessing Netflix from the phone or tablet through a wired or wireless connection? If it’s a wireless connection, you might need to move elsewhere in the house to get a better signal.
  • Why won’t Netflix play on my projector? You might not have a smart projector or a projector without Wi-Fi capabilities. It might also not be optimized for mirroring. Some projectors require more assistance and converters in order to work. You can daisy-chain a Roku device with your projector by using an HDTV as the middleman device. This entails hooking up your Roku on the first HDMI port and then hooking up your projector on the second HDMI port to mirror the HDTV’s display for Netflix streaming.

Everything should move smoothly unless you were to hit a snag with HDMI-CEC (the anti-digital piracy feature of HDMI that allows devices to communicate with each other) and permissions to run the mirrored screen on your projector. You should have the proper connections, certifications, and handshakes (don’t buy pirated converters or splitters) in order to allow your iPhone to play Netflix on the big screen.

If it’s a wired problem, it might be because your HDMI cable or converter is frayed or damaged. The connector might have bent pins or there might be a kink on its cable. Otherwise, you can come across this black screen issue if you don’t have the latest version of the Netflix app installed. You can, therefore, correct this by installing the latest app.

In a Nutshell

The home video market for VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray Discs (BD) was arguably killed by Netflix, an Internet streaming service that used to deliver DVDs and BDs by online mail-order but is most known for its online streaming of TV shows and movies that blew up and made the company into a billion-dollar streaming empire.

Anyone can get a Netflix account and make it play on their phone or computer as well as HDTV using devices like Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Regardless, when it comes to the question “How to use Netflix on a projector?”, it’s either you hook it up to a device that can play Netflix like a laptop or cellphone then mirror their screen, download Netflix directly on the projector if it’s a smart projector, or hook up a Roku or FireStick onto it if it can accept such devices.


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