Sky Go Laptop To Tv Hdmi

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If you use Sky Go app on a Windows PC or Laptop and link the PC/Laptop to the TV via HDMI you will be able to see the picture and obviously change the sound source to the TV too.

Sky Go Laptop To Tv Hdmi Connector

How to connect laptop to tv hdmi

Sky Go Laptop To Tv Hdmi No Sound


Does Sky Go Work Through Hdmi

Sky Go Laptop To Tv Hdmi
  • Right-click on the speaker icon located in the Windows notification area (system tray) and then click on Playback devices. Right-click on HDMI, Digital Audio, High Definition Audio Device or your TV and choose Set as Default Device.
  • Computer: for Many years, were able to use Sky customer, Sky Go in the Browser, this is now. The new Sky Go Desktop App for Windows and Mac many customers, although not good, but after all, not the Transmission via HDMI. Connect the PC or Laptop via HDMI cable to your TV. Launch Sky Go, you can enjoy the Stream on the TV.
  • On most laptops you can run the laptop screen, an external screen and sometimes both at the same time Have seen alt f1 or alt f5 used for this but its laptop dependenti guess. Open up sky go on the laptop screen and drag the window to the large screen. I used to do this all the time at work with vga, but admittedly never tried with hdmi.
Is Sky go compatible with Android TV Boxes? I know they're compatible with tablets and smartphones but I'm looking at buying something like this?
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