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Sky Go is a free service for Sky TV customers, which allows them to watch Sky on up to 2 smart devices. However, if customers want to download content to watch offline, or access Sky through a games console, then they will have to subscribe to Sky Go Extra. This costs £5 a month, but if you have Sky Multiscreen it is also free. If you do not pay for it, then there is no need to cancel. You can simply stop using the service. If you want to cancel a Sky Go Extra subscription to save £5 a month, then follow the guide below to do that.

If you’re a Sky TV customer, Sky Go is part of your Sky TV package, so there is no extra cost for Sky TV customers! With Sky Go Extra, download shows to watch without WiFi.– and stream without using any of your data if you’re a Sky Mobile customer.Sky Go Extra.

Cancel by Telephone

If you want to cancel a Sky Go Extra subscription to save £5 a month, then follow the guide below to do that. Cancel by Telephone. 1) The fastest method of cancelling any Sky subscription is to call them on the phone. Call Sky on 0344 241 1653. It will prompt you to enter the primary phone number for your Sky. . To use Sky Q features on the Sky Go app including accessing your recordings you need to be on the same WiFi network as your Sky Q Box and have a Sky Q Multiscreen subscription.Sky Go Extra subscription required.

1) The fastest method of cancelling any Sky subscription is to call them on the phone. Call Sky on 0344 241 1653. It will prompt you to enter the primary phone number for your Sky account. Alternatively, if you wait for a few seconds, it will give you the opportunity to state the reason for your call. You can say “cancel Sky Go” as your reason. Otherwise, if you keep holding the line then there will be an automated list of options.

2) If you take the third route, then you should press 1 as an existing Sky customer. Press 6 to reduce your Sky subscription. Then press 2 to cancel a part of your Sky subscription. If you want to cancel Sky TV and not just a part of it, then follow this guide instead. When you press 2, it should connect you to a Sky agent right away. Tell them that you are giving them notice of cancellation for your Sky Go Extra subscription.

3) Bear in mind that Sky has a notice period of 31 days for cancellations. So, if you want to cancel Sky Go Extra, then you need to call them 31 days before your monthly renewal date. Otherwise, they will only cancel your subscription the following month after charging another £5 for the continued service. The same applies if you have a Sky Go Extra free trial and want to cancel it before it becomes a subscription. You are able to cancel Sky Go Extra within 14 days of starting the subscription and ask them for a refund.

Cancel Online

If you prefer to do things online or don’t have the time to talk on the phone, then there are other ways to cancel Sky Go Extra. Sign into your Sky account on the website to view and manage your Sky TV subscriptions, including Sky Go and Sky Go Extra. There should be online messaging available so that you can talk with a Sky agent in a live chat. Your notice will be effective immediately, as it is over the phone.


You can do the same thing through the app if you have it on a smart device. Another way to cancel Sky Go Extra online is to send an e-mail to [email protected] If you do this, they might have to return your e-mail and verify details before the notice becomes effective. However, it will still be effective from the date that you sent the notice of cancellation originally. They will stop your subscription 31 days from your notice. If your payment date falls within those 31 days, then you can still access the service up until the next date of payment, when your subscription will cease properly. You could still use regular Sky Go for free after that.

Cancel by Post

Writing a cancellation letter to Sky slows the process down a lot. Unfortunately, Sky does not accept notice of cancellation until you can verify all of your account details with an agent. This is why it is faster to do it on the phone or through a live chat. Sky will send a letter back to you acknowledging your letter to them. They will also contact you by phone to verify your details and confirm the cancellation. Only then will the notice be effective. The same rules will apply to this as to all of the cancellation methods mentioned above.

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Sky is launching a brand new subscription service, Sky Go Extra, which lets customers download the latest blockbuster films from Sky Movies and great content from channels such as Sky 1 and Sky Atlantic to watch when and where they want, without the need for a WiFi or 3G/4G connection. The service also lets Sky Go Extra customers register for Sky Go on up to four, rather than two, internet-connected devices.

Launching today and available to all Sky TV customers for just £5 per month, the new service delivers even more flexibility to Sky customers by letting them download movies and TV shows depending on their Sky TV subscription to their smartphone, tablet, laptop or MacBook via WiFi to watch offline later. So whether in a car, on a flight or on the train or Tube, Sky customers will be able to enjoy a wide range of content anywhere, not just where they can find a reliable WiFi or high-speed mobile connection.

Sky Go Extra Subscription Plans

The launch of the new service builds on the success of Sky Go, which offers Sky customers access to live and on demand programmes and films from up to 43 channels on a wide range of internet-connected devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets and games consoles. Sky Go now attracts more than 3 million unique users each quarter.

In addition to being able to download content, Sky Go Extra customers are also able to register for Sky Go on up to four, rather than two, internet-connected devices, giving Sky households even more flexibility over when and where they enjoy the service.

Sky Go Extra is the first mobile TV subscription service in the UK and Ireland to offer Hollywood movies to download and watch offline. With a choice of hundreds of titles exclusive to Sky Movies available to download at any one time, Sky Go Extra customers who subscribe to the Sky Movies pack will be able to download blockbuster releases around six months after they have ended their run in cinemas. Once downloaded, customers can store the films on their portable devices for up to 30 days.

Blockbusters such as Avengers Assemble, Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows and Pirates In An Adventure with Scientists will all be available for download through the service, alongside the entire James Bond film catalogue, containing all twenty-two official Bond films. All titles are available exclusively to Sky Movies subscribers and will not be available on any other online movies subscription service for a least a year after they first appear on Sky Movies.

Sky Go Extra customers will also be able to download the latest shows from channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky 1, Sky Living and Sky Arts, as well as partner channels such as Nickelodeon and Disney. This includes the best of the US, including Girls and The Following (Sky Atlantic), as well as Sky's own home-grown hits such as Stella, An Idiot Abroad and Trollied (Sky 1). Customers with a 64 GB iPad will be able to store in excess of 400 half-hour shows and more than 80 movies.

Stephen van Rooyen, Managing Director of Sales & Marketing at Sky, comments: 'Building on the ever-growing popularity of Sky Go, Sky Go Extra lets Sky customers download great movies and TV shows to take with them to watch offline whenever and wherever suits them, as well as access to Sky Go on up to four internet-connected devices. Together with our comprehensive On Demand service and our range of award-winning apps, we continue to deliver helpful and innovative ways for Sky customers to enjoy even more flexibility over when, where and how they enjoy Sky.'
During 2012, millions of Sky customers have used Sky Go to watch movies on demand, with Bad Teacher, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Captain America: The First Avenger the three most popular movies on Sky Go last year. Entertainment series on demand have also proven popular on Sky Go, with more than 2.5 million views of the second series of An Idiot Abroad and 1.1 million views of the latest season of Game of Thrones.

Sky Go Extra is the latest in a series of recent developments from Sky that help customers take full control of their TV viewing. This includes Sky's comprehensive TV On Demand service through the Sky+HD box, which now delivers hundreds of hours of catch-up TV from the BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and Sky channels alongside on demand access to shows from a number of other leading channels including UKTV, MTV and Discovery. Sky also offers its customers a wide range of award-winning apps at no extra cost, including the popular Sky+ app, which can even be used as a remote control for the Sky+HD box.

To sign up to Sky Go Extra, all customers need to do is visit Once they've done this, the next time they enter the Sky Go app they will be able to download programmes and register two more devices. To provide even more flexibility, Sky Go customers can cancel the service at any time, subject to giving 31 days' notice. Sky Go customers will also be able to sign up for a two month free trial of Sky Go Extra until the end of March.

For more details, please see our blog on Sky Views.

Sky Movies content can be watched for up to 30 days and once viewing commences is available for 48 hours. Most other Sky content can be watched for up to 7 days and once viewing commences is available for 48 hours. Sky Go Extra customers will be able to register up to four internet-connected devices for Sky Go, viewing content via WiFi or 3G/4G on a maximum of two at any one time.

About Sky Go

Sky Go brings together online and mobile TV in a simple service for Sky TV customers at no extra cost. Available on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, selected Android smartphones and Xbox 360, Sky Go allows Sky customers to watch content in line with their subscription while on the move in the UK and Ireland through a 3G or WiFi connection. Each Sky home is entitled to register up to two devices, through which they can enjoy access to live channels and selected on-demand content.
On computers customers can access up to 43 live TV channels, including all six Sky Sports channels, Sky Movies, Sky News, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, MTV, Disney, G.O.LD, Nickelodeon, NatGeo, History, Eden, Eurosport and ESPN, supported by an extensive library of on-demand content. Sky Go is also available to non-Sky TV customers, with monthly subscriptions priced from £15-£40.

Compatible iOs mobile devices: iPhone 3GS and above, iPad 1 & 2 and iPod touch 4th generation, and is compatible on a total of 26 Android handsets, including OS versions 2.2, 2.3 and 4.0.

About Sky

Sky is the UK and Ireland's leading home entertainment and communications company. Around 40% of all homes have a direct relationship with Sky through its range of TV, broadband and home telephony services.

Sky Go Extra Subscription Cost

Sky is the UK's biggest investor in television content, investing more than £2.3 billion a year in channels such as Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Arts, Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky News. Around two-thirds of Sky's content spend is invested in the UK and Sky is the fastest-growing source of investment in original British programmes. More than 30 million people watch Sky content each week.

Alongside its commitment to offering customers a greater choice of high-quality content, Sky is a leading innovator. Customers enjoy total control and flexibility over their favourite TV through Sky+, watch TV on the move through Sky Go, and enjoy the best quality TV experience at home through High Definition and 3D.

Sky distributes its content broadly over several platforms, including satellite, cable, IPTV, mobile and WiFi. NOW TV, Sky's second consumer brand, builds on the company's leadership in internet TV. Sky is also the UK's fastest-growing home communications company and favourite ‘triple-play' provider of TV, broadband and home phone.

How To Get A Sky Go Extra Subscription

Sky believes in making a wider contribution to the communities in which it operates by taking positive action on the environment, supporting grassroots sports and increasing access to, and participation in, the arts. Sky employs 23,000 people, has annual revenues of £6.8 billion and is estimated to support a £5.4 billion contribution to UK GDP. Sky is listed on the London Stock Exchange (BSY).