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That means it’s the selected app on the Apple TV. To find Sky News, you’re going to have to use the down button (the lower edge of the ring on the remote) to move the selector down about five or six rows. Eventually, you’ll see this: You can see the icon for the app we want on the lower right, with the blue edge. SkyWatchTV app in the Apple TV App Store The SkyWatchTV Channel is a free app in the Apple TV App Store. It gives you access to our most recent weekly programs, daily news updates, SkyWatch Women, and episodes of SkyWatchTV Web Exclusives: SciFriday, Into the Multiverse, and interviews with fascinating guests that we couldn’t fit into our network television schedule. Go to the Store and press the Apps menu. Search for Sky Go and install. If the Go app from Sky app stops working on your Xbox One game console, you may need to perform a hard reset to clear its cache. To do this, follow the guided steps below. Without turning off the system, hold down the power button of your Xbox One for 10 seconds. Is the Sky Q app available in the UK for apple TV yet. I understand that the App is available in other countries but not yet the UK. Why not, come on apple lets sort it out. Does anyone have an update on when the Sky Q app is available.

You sure can. Sky Go supports Airplay from your iPhone, iPad or the browser extension on your Mac. At this stage Sky Go will only be supporting airplay to Apple TV HD - 4th Gen and Apple TV 4K - the latest Gen.

  • Make sure your Apple TV & device are on the same wireless network
  • Go to your TV and select the source your Apple TV is plugged into
  • Select a show/movie on your Sky Go app and press play
  • Press the Airplay icon in the bottom right of the Sky Go video controls.
Sky App Apple TvSky App Apple TvSky

Whatever you chose to play should now be on the big screen!

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To get Sky Go on your big screen via Chromecast support, you'll need to open the latest Sky Go app on your iPad or iPhone and make sure you have a Chromecast which is Generation 3 or Ultra.

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At the top right of the app, you'll see the Chromecast icon which looks like a little TV. Select the icon. If you aren't already, you'll be prompted to connect to your Chromecast. Once connected, choose the TV show or movie you want to watch, press play and you should see Sky Go on your big screen!