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  1. The answer is Yes you can get the Sky Go app on Firestick 4K, FireTV Cube, and other devices instantly. Although the app is not officially available yet but to get this app we simply need to sideload it. Just like this app, there are various apps that are available.
  2. Unblock Sports App with VPN. Amazon Fire Stick Apps for News 30. Haystack (Free) Haystack is one of the best FireStick apps when it comes to viewing local and world news. Although it doesn’t show up on Live News, it frequently updates content so you get the most recent news. Most importantly, it’s free.

How to stream from pc to Amazon Fire stick. Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromecast are the most popular streaming device worldwide. Due to their wide range of application support and lower price these media streaming device are popular.

Using The amazon fires tick you can not only play online video / Movies / TV Shows etc. from your favourite OTT apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar etc. But can also cast your laptop screen over the TV for watching videos, Power point presentations, photo saved in laptop and for web browsing etc.

Devices such as Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Airtel Xstreme stick, Flipkart MarQ stick, Xiomi Mi TV Stick, Android TV Box, Android TV DTH Set Top Box like Reliance Jio, Airtel Tata Sky Binge etc. can convert your normal TV to smart TV without any heavy invest on new smart TV.

What is difference with Screen mirroring and streaming

Many people are having confusion between various terms used in respect of streaming devices and smart TV just like casting, screen mirroring, streaming, media server etc.

We will tell you differences between these terms, also about how to stream from pc to Amazon Fire stick.

Screen mirroring is replicating your Mobile or Laptop screen over the Miracast supported displays that can be your smart TVs, Windows 10 laptop. Further using smart devices like Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV Box / Sticks, we can also replicate PC screen over the TV.

These devices also does the same job as like Miracast receivers. You can use these Media streamers like Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick over any normal TV that is having a HDMI port to plug these devices.

Using Miracast feature you can also convert your laptop into a wireless display to screen cast mobile screen over laptop.

Amazon fire stick

Casting or app cast is the term generally used in Chromecast where you can cast media of an app to the TV with the help of Chromecast. When you touch Cast icon on any supported app the streaming device like Chromecast or Android TV / Android TV Box / Android TV stick take over the link of that videos from the mobile or laptop.

These devices than start receiving data directly to these app servers to themselves and playback over the TV. After this there is no role of Mobile or laptop now to stream data to TV.

It is only used to search the content and play then on TV and also word as a remote to control media like play / pause, forward, reverse, volume control etc.

Media Server or streaming can be done using DLNA supported TVs and smart devices that support receive media as media server.

Amazon Fire Stick Apps Install

DLNA is the interface in which TV become the media receiver and your PC works as media transmitter.


The successful playing of video is depends on the player of DLNA supported TV or device. Not all the file formats generally supported by DLNA supported TVs.

You can play the content over the TV using cast option, right click over the media file and choose cast, now select the TV name here.

If TV does not support some file format like MKV, VOB, etc. it will not play them, you have to convert them to supported format i.e. mp4.

Generally the TV supports file format using USB drive player also works on this DLNA receiver.

Sky App Amazon Fire Stick

Some other third party apps also works same way like plex media server. This app convert your Laptop or PC as media server.

The other devices that is hooked in the TV like Firestick or Chrome cast can fetch the data from your laptop and play them on the TV by streaming data from PC to TV wirelessly.

The requirement of plex media server is similar to all methods for screen mirroring or casting as like mentioned above. Your PC and fire stick should be on the same Wi-Fi network and should be connected with same access point.

Plex works on the multiple devices e.g. you can convert your Linux, Mac, Windows PC as media server. And other devices such as Chromeacast, Fire Stick, Fire TV, Android TV , Roku as media receiver.

How to Screen Mirror PC on Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon fire stick

To cast your PC screen or laptop screen over the Amazon Fire Stick follow the following steps:

  1. Press and hold home key of your firestick remote for some time
  2. You will see some menu options like sleep, apps, settings, mirroring
  3. Select Mirroring
  4. Now your Fire TV stick is ready to receive the wireless display connection
  5. On the Windows 10 PC open the notification / quick setting panel by clicking right most icon on task bar
  6. Now click on connect, you will find your Firestick name in the available wireless display
  7. Click to connect, if you get any pop up on TV like receiving media, click OK in the remote of fire stick to accept the incoming wireless connection
  8. Now your TV become a second display for your PC

You can choose duplicate, extend, second screen only as per your need. Now whole laptop or PC screen can be viewed over the TV.

On the same way mobile screen can also be screen mirrored over the TV by using mobile cast feature.

How to stream from PC to Amazon Fire stick

To stream PC files on the fire TV stick, follow the below steps:

Sky App Amazon Fire Stick

  1. Install the plex app in your windows 10 PC
  2. Sign up with your Gmail or Facebook account or create a new plex account
  3. You have to subscribe or buy subscription of plex app to enjoy all features of plex
  4. In PC plex app also configure the folders where you want to share media on fire TV

Amazon Fire Stick Apps List

On the Fire TV stick install plex app and login with same account that is sign up in PC.

You can now navigate to the PC folders in plex fire app. From here you can stream the media on Fire TV stick.

The media server at PC will done all jobs to get ready media files by transcoding them to play on Fire TV stick.

In android phone using all cast app we can also stream mobile video into the PC using Google Chrome browser and using Chromecast over TV.

Can You Get Sky App On Amazon Fire Stick

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