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Did you move the actual Photos library, or did you move the individual photos? Neither is likely to do what you want, but the recovery will be different. Either way, you will need to put your library/pictures back into the normal file system, then look for another solution to your space shortage.

If you do this, Dropbox will no longer sync changes to the file and folders located in the Dropbox folder on that computer. The files and folders will remain untouched in your Dropbox folder. If you are looking for a step by step process to unlink Mac computer from Dropbox Desktop Application, read below. But when you do run out of space, it can be a major problem, since files may stop syncing, email could get rejected, and all sorts of other havoc could ensue. I recently hit this problem with iCloud, Dropbox, and Google. Here’s how to deal with such a situation. Find Out How Much You’re Using.

If you really moved the whole Photos library, you may have done irreparable damage to it and should restore it from your backup (ideally a Time Machine backup).

Sign Out Dropbox On Pc

If you only moved the pictures from the Photos library to Dropbox, you'll have to move the back into the Photos library before you can access them from the Photos app.

Aug 23, 2018 8:49 PM

Dropbox Won’t Stop Syncing

As for why need to stop Dropbox from syncing or uploading, there are usual two reasons. One is thatDropbox has been running for a long time but seems never stop syncing; the other is that you haveput the wrong files into uploading task.

How to Stop Dropbox Upload?

If you are uploading a large amount of files and it takes a very long time but with little progress,thus, you want to stop the uploading, then, you can make use of one of the following ways.

They are most general ways which can be applied to desktop, laptop, notebook, pad or cellphone App.Yet, the detailed steps are different on different devices or different operating systems (likeWindows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS). The following will mostly take Dropbox application on Windows10 PC for example, you can refer to them to solve problem in your own situation.

Method 1. Pause and resume

There is a Pause function in Dropbox program. While uploading, you can see the status of the task inthe bottom left of Dropbox taskbar icon’s pop-up window. Just click on it to pause the task. Or,click the Settings icon (gear) on the top right and select “Pause syncing”.

If you want to get the task to run again, just click once more on the bottom left or choose “ResumeSyncing”.

Method 2. Quit Dropbox

You can directly close Dropbox to stop Dropbox upload. Just click “Exit Dropbox” in the aboveSettings drop-down window.


Method 3. Sign out/unlink Dropbox account

You can also stop uploading files to Dropbox by removing your account from it or removing your devicefrom syncing. For Dropbox APP, unlink current device from Dropbox:

1. Select “Preferences” in the Dropbox settings drop-download menu.

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2. Next, in the pop-up window, move to Account tab and click “Unlink This Dropbox…”.

As for Dropbox web browser, just sign out the current Dropbox account. Click the avatar on the topright and select “Sign out” in the drop-down menu.

Method 4. Disable network connection

You can cut off network supply for your computer or disable cellular data and Wi-Fi connection foryour mobile phone to indirectly stop Dropbox uploading task.

Or, just set Dropbox application upload and download speed to zero, as well as uncheck “Enable LANsync” in Bandwidth tab.

Tips: Turn phone into “Airplane Mode” will also cut off its network connection.

Method 5. Cancel Dropbox upload on computer

If you are directly uploading something from local to cloud using,you will see a message on the bottom of the Dropbox page saying “Uploading [filename] – Viewdetails”.

1. Click on the “View details”.

2. In the pop-up window, close the task by clicking the “X” icon on the right.

Therefore, the current uploading will be cleared.

Note: This method only apply for files uploading, for folders, there’s no such function and you haveto sign out your account to force to stop Dropbox upload.

Method 6. Close the browser Dropbox

Another way to stop the uploading to Dropbox on PC is to close web browser Dropbox, no matter it is afiles uploading or folder uploading. Before closing, it will prompt you a message reminding of nosaving of changes, just confirm the operation.

Method 7. Move target files out of local Dropbox folder

Some above solutions are temporary methods. Target files will stop syncing for current time, but itwill get back to upload when the interference is removed, like pausing Dropbox. When you resume theApp, target files will be synced again.

To permanently stop Dropbox to upload, the easiest way is to remove target files from Dropbox folderor other source settings.

Method 8. Shut down device

Shut down your computer or turn off the phone can also cease uploading in progress.

Method 9. Cut off power

Without power supply, machine will close down and none task can carry out.

Method 10. Stop Dropbox upload in progress on android

1. Press the task manager button on the lower right corner and swipe Dropbox to the right to dismissit.

2. Open Android Settings.

3. Find Dropbox in the phone settings.

4. Click “Clear cache” under Dropbox App.

Then, the file uploading process will be canceled.

Method 11. Uninstall Dropbox to stop Dropbox upload

If all above can’t solve your situation, the stupid way is to uninstall Dropbox to force it to stop.This way is troublesome for you have to do all settings again when you reinstall the program justlike the first time you install it.

Upload to Dropbox with MultCloud


MultCloud is a third party professional multiple cloud drives manager which enables you to uploadlocal files through its platform to Dropbox as well as other clouds like Google Drive, Onedrive,Mega, Amazon, etc. altogether around 30 kinds of cloudservices. Just create an account of MultCloud, addyour Dropbox account to its platform and start uploading within its platform in easy few steps.

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Most importantly, MultCloud enables you to directly upload a remote file to Dropbox only using its URLlink address.

Sign Out Of Dropbox Windows

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