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In short, it's like Shazam for the art world. Unveiled yesterday at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, Smartify is now in use at over 30 of the world's major galleries and museums. The app is also open to having other venues involved, all you'd have to do as a venue is get in touch with the Smartify team via its site. When Shazam arrived in the app store, it made frustrated music listeners everywhere rejoice. Any tune that you heard—but couldn't name—was suddenly at your fingertips. Building on that idea is Smartify, an art app that allows you to scan an artwork, identify the name and artist, and learn more about i. New app Smartify functions as 'a Shazam for the art world' Gunseli Yalcinkaya 8 October 2017 5 comments An app has launched that allows users to instantly identify artworks and access information. It’s obviously an app that will be a bit more powerful when you see that painting in an office building you love rather than one in a museum with an info tag beside it, but just like Shazam for.

Shazam for web

Shazam is one of my favorite apps. If I’m in a coffee shop or bar and hear a track I like, I can instantly find out what it is and check out the artist later on Apple Music. Smartify aims to do the same job for art, aiming to educate art gallery visitors and gallery owners alike, reports New Scientist.

The app uses image recognition to identify scanned artworks and provide people with additional information about them. Users can then add the works to their own digital collection […]

Museums and galleries that sign up will also be able to access demographic information about people who use Smartify and the artworks they interact with, which they could use to inform their marketing and advertising.

The bad news is that the app will initially be extremely limited, covering selected artworks at just four galleries.

The app will launch in May for selected artworks at the Louvre in Paris, France, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and all the artworks at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Wallace Collection in London.

The good news is you won’t need to be standing in front of the original painting to learn more about it: the app will work just as well with a print, even a postcard. So if you’re sitting in your new date’s apartment and they have one of the prints on the wall, you’ll be able to quickly turn yourself into an expert on it while they’re getting the drinks.

Smartify is hoping to quickly sign up more museums and art galleries, but is unlikely to succeed with all.

“Many visitors go to museums to have an unplugged experience,” says Kevin Walker at the Royal College of Art in London. He thinks visitors should look up from their phones and put their trust in gallery curators when it comes to viewing works of art.

The app is a free download from the App Store.


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In this drawing tutorial the team of DrawingForAll will show you how to draw Shazam from DС comics step by step. In fact, this character also bears the name “Captain Marvel”, but since our site already has a drawing lesson with that title, we decided to use the name Shazam in this particular tutorial.

Step 1

So we begin this drawing guide with the stickman (the skeleton of a character drawn with simple lines). First of all draw the head in the form of a flattened egg. After that, draw the line of the spine. On this line we draw the thorax and the pelvis. As you can see, the thorax and pelvis in this step look like ordinary rounded figures. Using simple lines, draw the arms and legs. Don’t forget that all lines should be made with very light lines.

Step 2

Now we will add some volume to Shazam. First thing first we draw two crossing lines of facial symmetry. Outline the neck and body. Please note, that the body should a little narrow to the pelvis area After that we draw powerful massive arms with simple geometric figures. After that we go down a bit and sketch out the pelvis and legs.

Step 3

In this step we need to outline some elements of clothing and facial features. First, we draw triangle which is located behind the left shoulder. After that we draw a cape that goes behind the back hanging down to the knee area. Next sketch out the outlines of the gloves and shoes.

Step 4

Shazam For Paintings Video

In this step we will draw the face in the final version. Draw the ear. The upper edge of the ear is level with the eyebrows, the lower edge is level with the tip of the nose. Draw the line of short hair. Erase the guidelines and circle the lines to make them smooth and clean.

Step 5

We continue the drawing tutorial in which we show how to draw Shazam from DC. Carefully draw out the lines of the body, pectoral muscles and abdominals. In the center of the chest draw Shazam logo. Don’t forget to draw buckle on the collar.

Step 6

Shazam For Paintings Images

Sketch out the cape, as in our example. After that you should draw Shazam’s arms. By tradition, we circle the outlines of the arms, drawing the muscles and folds of clothing. In addition, here we need to draw cross strips on the bracers.

Shazam for paintings pictures

Step 7

So it’s time to work with the lower part of the body of our superhero. First, we draw out a wide belt and a piece of cloth which is located on the side. Next, draw out the outlines of the legs taking into account all the muscles and joints as shown in our example. Next, draw out the outlines of high boots. Add the necessary folds and erase all the remaining unnecessary guidelines from our Shazam.

Step 8

Is There A Shazam For Paintings

In the last steps of our drawing lessons dedicated to comics we always add shadows, and this lesson about how to draw Shazam is no exception. In this case we add the shadows in comics style. So it will be contrasting and thick hatching. But you can make the shadows more contrast and darker, and it will bring your drawing closer to the images of comics from the 20th century.

Shazam For Artists

The lesson about how to draw Shazam (or Captain Marvel) was quite challenging, like all our lessons about superheroes and supervillains. But we are trying to draw characters as similar as possible to what you can see in the pages of comic books, so we hope that being guided by our tutorials you can become real comic artists. The fact is that we always loved comics, and always wanted to be able to draw like John Romita Sr or Jack Kirby. We had to learn by ourselves, studying the technique of drawing comics and gradually improving skills. And we are very glad that we can share our knowledge with those who want, like us, to be able to create stories in pictures. Do not forget to subscribe to us on social networks (for example, Google Plus, Facebook and Pinterest), in order to be aware of all the new drawing lessons by

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