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With a concept like Shazam, there was really only one way to attack it, and it feels like they nailed it with this one. Heavily inspired by Big, with plenty of laughs and a few surprises, this movie is fully entertaining from start to finish. Sazama Design Build Remodel has been a part of the greater Milwaukee community for over 30 years. The safety and happiness of our clients and our team have always been top priorities. We have taken COVID-19 seriously and as Wisconsin re-opens, we will start.

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  1. Design Food & Beverage Gaming Watches Sports More Sections. For now, Shazam! Fury of the Gods is scheduled for release on June 2, 2023.
  2. Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.Created by Bill Parker and C. Beck, the character is a recurring enemy of the superhero Captain Marvel/Shazam, both of whom first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 (cover-dated February 1940) by Fawcett Comics.

Shazam is one of the profoundly featured song identifier software out there in the market. Have you ever been to the cafe, where a song is playing and wanted to perceive the details? It’s very hard to spot the lyrics of the song that you hear for the first time. This is where you need Shazam Online, that takes care of the whole thing and lets you relax. Shazam instantly listens to the melody that is playing nearby you and returns you the complete information almost instantaneously. Shazam also records the sound offline and throws back the details when you come online.

Speed of the Shazam is incredible and it also has an extensive database of songs that keep appending the new arrivals. Altogether you never miss out any song with carrying Shazam Online on your device. The application has a naive interface with the three-tab layout. The sections are arranged suitably and serve well based on its purpose. With Shazam installed on your device, you can swiftly identify the title, Artist Name and Album of the songs. Besides that, you can integrate it with your Spotify Playlists and hear whenever you want and sync across all of your devices.

Shazam is available for Android, iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, with the help of emulators you can access it on your Windows computer. The futuristic interface of the app has three tabbed design such as Tap to Shazam (home screen), Library, Discover.

  • Tap to Shazam: This is the home screen of the application that appears when you open the app. It has a Big Shazam button says ‘Tap to Shazam‘. Simply launch the app and hit the Shazam button to listen to the songs playing nearby you and discover it soon, the process is as simple as that!
  • Library: The library tab of the Shazam app has every song you found using the app. Besides, it also has the Artists option that cleanly presents the sorted out songs based on the artists. Apart from these, it has Playlists option and Shazam settings, where you can modify the theme, connect to Spotify and make use of other Shazam features as well.

Shazam Cake Design

  • Discover: The window is accessible through the right swipe from the main screen. It offers you with the top 10 Updates on the trending ones. These are stacked in a cool way, where you can swipe up to switch through the Shazam Charts. You can even filter these charts based on the Country or City you require.


  • 3 Software Info:

What is Shazam App?

Shazam is a popular music identifier app developed by Apple Inc. In addition to songs, it also helps you to identify movies, TV shows and advertising as well. The application uses the receiver (microphone) of the device where it is installed. The app uses a technology called a spectrogram, in which it identifies songs using the audio fingerprint’s time-frequency graph. It resembles the captured audio with the database and displays the result with entire song information within seconds. Currently, the app is available for all major operating systems.

Shazam Features:

Shazam app is a tremendous tool not only for finding music but also to discover the trending ones with few swipes. Let’s see the features of the Shazam app.

Shazam Defined

  • User-friendly interface, in which you can recognise a song with a tap.
  • Integrate with the Spotify Playlists and get the most out of it.
  • It is also possible to capture the song even when you are offline and the details will be popped on your Shazam screen when you connect online.
  • Login to Shazam accounts and synchronize your shazams across all your devices.
  • Shazam real-time charts provide you with the latest albums from your favourite artists, country and even city.
  • Shazam offers suggestions based on your interests, which saves a lot of time looking for a song that you love.
  • Pop-Up Shazam lets you find tunes playing on your devices, which needs to be allowed to draw over other apps on your device settings.
  • Unlimited music discovery with an extensive Shazam library.

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Software Info:

Shazam Degreaser

Shazam Version History:

Here is the list of Shazam old versions with its file size.

Shazam Design
  • 11.6.0-201126 – 24.15MB
  • 11.5.0-201119 – 24.07MB
  • 11.4.0-201116 – 24.11MB
  • 11.3.0-201110 – 24MB
  • 11.2.0-201029 – 23.43MB
  • 11.1.0-201026 – 23.49MB
  • 11.0.0-201015 – 23.49MB
  • 10.51.0-201012 – 23.41MB
  • 10.50.0-201002 – 23.41MB
  • 10.49.0-200928 – 23.41MB
  • 10.48.0-200922 – 23.4MB
  • 10.46.2-200909 – 23.4MB
  • 10.46.0-200903 – 23.4MB
  • 10.45.1-200903 – 23.38MB
  • 10.45.0-200828 – 23.38MB
  • 10.43.0-200814 – 23.3MB
  • 10.42.0-200806 – 23.29MB
  • 10.41.0-200730 – 6.61MB
  • 10.38.0-200709 – 6.57MB
  • 10.37.0-200702 – 23.17MB
  • 10.33.0-200604 – 18.53MB
  • 10.31.0-200521 – 6.97MB
  • 10.29.0-200507 – 6.98MB
  • 10.27.0-200427 – 7.02MB
  • 10.25.0-200402 – 6.84MB
  • 10.24.0-200326 – 6.82MB
  • 10.22.0-200316 – 6.72MB
  • 10.15.0-200127 – 11.72MB
  • 10.10.0-191205 – 11.68MB
  • 9.40.0-190712 – 6.69MB
  • 9.39.1-190710 – 6.68MB
  • 9.38.0-190701 – 6.67MB
  • 9.37.0-190624 – 6.67MB
  • 9.37.0-190625 – 15MB

How to Install Shazam Apk for Android?

Here are the steps to download and Install Shazam Apk on your Android Phones & Tablets.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

Step 2: Tap the search bar on the top and type in the app name ‘Shazam‘ and hit search.

Step 3: Soon you will see the Shazam app on the search results, simply select the app and tap the Install option.

Step 4: The store will take a few seconds to download the file and install it on your device.

Step 5: Once the installation is completed, tap the Open option to launch Shazam on your Android directly from the Play Store. Else you can also find the Shazam app on the home screen of your device, you can also launch it from there.

Step 6: After launching the app, you need to allow the permissions asked by the application to function it properly. Once everything is over, you are able to Shazam online music on the go!

Shazam on Other Devices

Shazam Costume Design

Final Words

There are many song identifier software out there and many are still arriving. With the longevity and pioneer in music recognition technology, the Shazam online is quite widespread among millions of music lovers. Huge library with fully loaded features is what makes the app a best to-go choice for many users. The UI is designed for easy usage with well-organized layouts. In addition to these, the song detection is much quicker in Shazam and it also finds almost any songs you throw at it! Altogether it is the most acclaimed music identifier software for every music fanatics 😉