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Yeah, I actually tried that, but as the creator is speaking into the background music and the background music is like a 4 sec long, its hard even for Shazam. Shazam didnt find anything. Shazam's algorithm can extract the transparency of multiple tracks mixed in an audio clip, so if you are mixing a Shazam-recognizable music with other sound tracks, it's still detectable. It seems Shazam has a very strong algorithm which is impeccable, however there is one advantage we can use, the accuracy of time. Where Shazam stands out is its integration with music streaming services. It’ll offer you links to Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music. You should be aware that the future of this. Consider that royalty free loops tend to get used a lot, and therefore sound repetitive and ‘played out.’ Using commercially produced music for your YT video without licensing it is a BIG NO NO.

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Optimal audio file duration is 15-45 sec. The robot will analyze up to 2 minutes from the beginning of the audio file.
The robot can recognize music directly
from,, and more.
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Artist Biography by Mark Deming

Led by guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Hans Rotenberry, the Shazam are a contemporary power pop band from Nashville, Tennessee, who've earned a loyal following among pop obsessives for their sharp, rollicking, and often witty British-influenced sound. The Shazam were formed in 1997 when Rotenberry teamed up with bassist Mick Wilson and drummer Scott Ballew. The band released its self-titled debut album in 1997, which was produced by Brad Jones and found Rotenberry composing tunes with the likes of Jenny Toomey and Brett Gurewitz. The band expanded to a four-piece on 1999's Godspeed the Shazam with the addition of guitarist Jeremy Ashrock; the track 'Super Tuesday' also earned the Shazam a mention in a piece on election-year songs in The New Yorker. Two more albums followed, 2000's Rev9 and 2002's Tomorrow the World, which like their earlier works were produced by Jones, received enthusiastic reviews, and racked up minimal sales. The Shazam unveiled a new lineup on 2009's Meteor, with Rotenberry, Ashrock, and Ballew joined by new bassist Mike Vargo; the album also found the Shazam exploring their love of 1970s and '80s classic rock as they were joined in the studio by Mack (aka Reinhold Mack), a producer and engineer who had worked with Queen, Billy Squire, and Black Sabbath. In 2010, Rotenberry teamed with Brad Jones to write and record a duo project, Mountain Jack.