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If the rig works fine in Blender, it would work the same in SFM. Few fixes need to be done first. For the '3 weight limit' error, two options you can choose: Select the affected object, go to Weight Paint, select the 'Weight' menu, select the 'limit total' and set the limit to 3. Blender-SFM-C4D RELEASE - FFPS Pack ROCKSTARS. SFM RELEASE IS UP NOW! Credit TFEarts for the ports.

This site contains documentation of the various things I have happened to invest some time into investigating and decided to make documentation for

I believe that specific kind of knowledge in the right hands can do a lot of good things, so I decided to document things I know about. The things I know are very niche and I’d be shame if that information would happen to just dissapear one day.

I have decided to use 3kliksphilip’s approach to tutorials, based on his old Hammer World Editor tutorial series. Raw simple knowledge that you can kickstart yourself from to do many things. As this knowledge is supposed to create a starting point for you, it is recommended to study more than just the documentation located on this site.

Sfm To Blender

It is highly encouraged to fork and expand on the knowledge and information located on this site.

List of documentation


Backing up MySQL database on Linux with rclone and Azure Blob Storage
Mounting Onedrive with Rclone mount on startup with Systemd
Changing dynamic or static IP to dynamic or static IP on RHEL based Linux
Network booting CentOS 7 via iPXE and Windows IIS by chainloading iPXE via on-board PXE ROM
Reverse Engineering TP-Link TL-WA901ND firmware and obtaining the filesystem
Migration of RHEL system to a new server (CentOS 7)
Fixing Ubuntu VM on Hyper-V stuck in read-only mode after hot backup or live migration
Booting to Windows remotely on dual-boot CentOS 7 system


Is Blender Better Than Sfm

Using Windows applications with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Linux filesystem
Using Windows Deployment Services (WDS) with iPXE
Adding AWS Shell to Windows Terminal


Migrating a physical server or a VM from a different hypervisor into a new VM
Connecting to Hyper-V VM console via RDP
Converting a Hyper-V VHD/VHDx to VMWare Workstation VMDK
Using VMWare Workstation VMDK image in ESXi



Routing all traffic through OpenVPN client on Windows
L2TP with IPSec Point to Point VPN setup on Mikrotik
Deploying pfSense on a system with a single network interface using VLANs on Dell Wyse D90D7 Thin Client

Sfm To Blender Textures


World of Warcraft

WoW data extraction resource sheet
Recognizing WoW files with no listfile or extension

Source Engine and Source Filmmaker

Importing Source Engine models into a 3D program
Putting your own model into SFM (very simplified)
Getting the best image quality out of SFM
SFM Depth of Field Post-production
Exporting SFM animations to Blender and 3DS Max, or how to use SFM as an animation tool

Blender Sfm Plugin

3DS Max


Bootstrapping Powershell commands to 3DS Max’s Maxscript to send notifications
Applying Turbosmooth on an already rigged mesh in 3DS Max
Combining multiple skinned meshes into a single mesh while keeping the skinning in 3DS Max
3DS Max and Blender interoperability

Import Sfm To Blender

3D Applications